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map looks good! but i cant play coop, t4m installed.
any help?
1102 days ago
trying to play solo map crashes on start
1109 days ago
really love this map played it for quite a while and worked out what i think should be the ending. got the "gaz" but after that plane still says gaz required. spent a lot of time trying to figure it out but it seems like its a bug.  :(

same  here.  :-\
is it a ee bug?
1174 days ago
Good map, coop does not work. :(
1336 days ago
cannot play coop with my friends, even with the dll, it keeps telling us to "create online profile"
such a great map, please any solutions?
1401 days ago
anyone have sucesfully played coop?
can t play with my friend
1458 days ago
coop does not work
1501 days ago


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