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How did you create your map? Did you use the launcher or a script placer?

I think he's referring to tuts mentioning to find your MAPNAME.gsc.

When people want you to find your mapname.gsc they're talking about the name of your mod.gsc Not an actual file called mapname.gsc

Ex. If your mod name is "cheetos", replace mapname with cheetos. So instead of looking for mapname.gsc, you're looking for cheetos.gsc
853 days ago
I imagine he “wants” it on touch, to say where the person is

Ah, not sure. I took it as he wanted it to act as a button since the hintstring says "use me".
855 days ago
Use a trigger_use instead, also if you want it to repeat the message whenever they use the trigger try something like this

        self endon("disconnect");
self endon("death");

trigger = getent("area_trigger","targetname");
trigger SetCursorHint("HINT_NOICON");
trigger SetHintString("Use me");

trigger waittill("trigger");
IPrintLn("Message message message message");
wait .1;
855 days ago
Maybe this could work
badPlace_cylinder( <name>, <duration>, <origin>, <radius>, <height>, <team> );
857 days ago
If you want to add FXs to your map you're going to have to do it manually.
Here's a tut for UGX's EasyFX
864 days ago
Nice tutorial, will definitely keep this in mind later on  :)
872 days ago
But when I played a version of Der Riese that had upgraded graphics, the same glitch happened on both.  Wouldnt using a second map as reference actually leave room for certain areas or items to not be fully scaled to the original anyway?  For example, you know the mod that adds perk machines to Nacht and modern weapons?  If you load the mod, you go to the menu like you do without mods, and you start the map that way, there's no way they used the original map as reference because the mod doesn't even use a seperate map, only the stock one.  Maybe I was a little confused.
Is there any site online that has a .map made for the base maps?

Remakes are made entirely from scratch. It's not possible to get a .map file from a compiled level, but you can create a mod and add on to pre-existing maps. Personally don't know how, but I'm sure you would be able to find something if you look around.
874 days ago
Well, how does the maps one plays have all of the information on how a level looks?
And how did someone make a remake of Nacht if one can't get the map files?

They look at the map as reference and remake it in radiant lol.
874 days ago
It's not possible to get the .map file of a map.
874 days ago
You're probably just skipping past it if you're able to see it in asset viewer. What you can do though is while you're viewing models in asset viewer, you can ctrl + c on the model name and paste the name of the model within radiant while you're browsing for models or as a kvp.
875 days ago
Compile your MAPNAME_patch" width="724
880 days ago
You can change the direction of the sunlight in Radiant by going to Edit > Sun Info. Make sure you have sunlight preview enabled under View > Light Preview > Preview Sun as well, or you won't be able to see the changes / difference while editing the direction.

Also make sure you have everything properly setup for your map lighting/shadow wise:

As for primary lights not working I don't remember exactly, what are your settings for the lights not working.
880 days ago
Since you're using Harry's perks this post looks like a similar issue to yours -

And the only other timed gameplay script I've seen released is by Tom and in the UGX mod. I'm guessing that's the one you looked at as well.
881 days ago


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