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Hi all,

I'm currently working on a map that was created before I reinstalled my mod tools after getting a new PC a few years ago.

I have had an issue where the game tells me that I'm missing "zombiemode_utility.gsc" when I load the map using the in-game console.

So I reinstalled the mod tools and the problem persisted, so I used the UGX Script Placer to make sure, to no avail. It overwrites my original .map, and any scripts I can manually drag and drop into the mod folder, means the map doesn't load using the in-game console.

Any help is appreciated
746 days ago
good, i cant finish him  :(

Haha, timed gameplay makes it a LOT easier to gain points, and is why I chose it.
2815 days ago
After enjoying Comosea on solo, I finally completed it after 2 attempts, the 2nd being timed gameplay. I dunno how my score stacks up against other people's, but here's two pics:

2815 days ago
Republican or democrat?

Neither, I'm British. Conservative over here
2856 days ago
I plan on studying Politics, History and Business, you can guess where i'll be going :P
2856 days ago
Epic map! Good work guys this is by far the best detailed map I've seen! Well done :D
3369 days ago
Hello everybody. I am stig4532, my real name is Alex. I am currently in High School/ Year 9.

I have just registered to this awesome website after remembering I have this website as a bookmark on Firefox.

I'm glad that this single map/modder group has decided to make a really nicely layed out website with good custom maps.

I shall be visiting here regularly :D


PS: yes, it is me from ZM
3369 days ago


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