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Hey man, I know this is kinda old but I am trying to download the second link from baidu but I can't. Do you know any other place where I can find that link and how to install it?

  @S12K @Ncarpios

I hope Author won't mind the reupload ;) 
T4M r41 auth Fixed:!lYlAxQKZ!BHSbLQdmcdzh-0sMF3WkZT6lzH2RDsvFo4VFstq1hko
386 days ago
Got on the plane -> just as you would suppose. Done. -> hmmm PaP? -> ???
I'll have to figure it out later...
868 days ago
Server authentification failure - FIX
For those with legit copies copies of the game, that cannot get the T4M checks to pass - there is some hope!
Source: i tried to compile myself and falied :(
Then i've found:
It is the precompiled version - only the older r41, but it works well (tested on Ragnarok and few other maps).

If anyone knows how to compile it from source properly, then let me know. You'll newer know when such knowledge would be helpful, so i'd like to be prepared for 'no precompiled version' in the future! ;D
882 days ago


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