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Messages - JadenSzewczak

can't keep this song off repeat :rainbow:
8 years ago
I love the fact that this map is strictly survival fun... I've always thought these types of maps were a nice break. The casual zombie players love maps like this too! My only real complaint would be that zombies don't jump up onto the roof ledge to the right of PaP, which doesn't really make much sense seeing as they are capable of jumping the ledge around the corner from Tombstone ::)
That and maybe the addition of a four perk limit would increase difficulty which for many players including myself, increases replayability! Also worth noting, I got a pack a punch hintstring behind these two stacked cars to the left of Who's Who and that there's some weird clipping near PhD - I could walk into parts of the the control panels and doors.
8 years ago
There's already a good possibility of that as A.) Files for each base map has model files that have been found by wraith (i.e. chairs, tables, crap, etc.) and B.) I don't think each base map would be that hard to really remake (except for Shi No (also, I mean this in terms of 3arc developers experience level as I'm personally half-retarded on my mother's side)). I have a ton of hope for Rezurrection 2.0 and no one can persuade me otherwise.
That is great news... glad to see I'm not the only one hoping for it!
8 years ago
I would personally like to see the original four zombie maps remastered, basically Rezurrection but for BO3.
8 years ago
exceeded limit of 400 fx assets everytime...  :'(
8 years ago
If I get everything to work this map is going to have another update

The update will include:
Code Snippet
Fixes for G_Spawn again (currently should only happen with 4 players)
Boss Zombie
Better pack-a-punch weapon sounds
Small adjustments to the playable area
EE bug fixes
Fixed clipping (mainly to fix out of map spots)
Possibly changing ee so that everyone can get the wonder weapon (if you want/if I can get it working)
And more (if you have any ideas/wishes let me know)
So if you have any glitches or issues that should be fixed let me know :)
i messaged ya 8)
8 years ago
holy shit...
The dead DO indeed rise again :o
8 years ago
just purchased BO off of Steam for the soul purpose of playing this map... :gusta:
8 years ago
this is so sick wtf dude keep up the good work :derp:
9 years ago
I think Oxidation should function like any other Zombies map, but with the main areas/rooms playable as submaps, similar to what was done with Tranzit. This way you can please both the people who want some small challenge/box maps and the people who desire a scaled up map with a few more areas!
9 years ago
I too have been checking this board constantly waiting for the release. One of the most anticipated maps by far!
Yeah what he said!
9 years ago
Yea, well if you're as good at objectives as I am we should probably just stick to a one window challenge map  ;D
Or you could throw together a quick map "The Baby Leviathan" with certain rooms from the official map, a few wall guns and just make this a survival style map for those of us who just wanna mulch zombies endlessly.
9 years ago
9 years ago
waw knifing in the bo mod??? :o :o
9 years ago
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