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Thank you for sharing the interesting map. We like it very much. It's interesting. :troll: :cheesy:
842 days ago
Please share the download address directly. Thank you for your efforts.:cheesy:
904 days ago
Thank you for your sharing and hard work

We like it very much :alone:
1236 days ago
How do I get the fuse? I can't figure that out.
You need to find a card and get stuck in the operating table :lol:
1407 days ago
Exquisite map, very enjoy, thank you for your efforts and sharing :lol:
1414 days ago
Looking forward to releasing :nyan: :troll:
1487 days ago
I beat the demons, knights, predator, snake, warden, I succeeded, I enjoyed a long period of exploration, thank you :alone:
1569 days ago
A very good experience, a lot of fun, I love this picture, thank you in the above figure, I guess even 3 places in defense, the predator headed snake, knight, I will try to solve the mystery, enjoy the process

Double Post Merge: June 06, 2017, 12:45:46 am
A very good experience, a lot of fun, I love this picture, thank you in the above figure, I guess even 3 places in defense, the predator headed snake, knight, I will try to solve the mystery, enjoy the process
(Image removed from quote.)
1569 days ago

Great design and animation. I like it and enjoy it. Thank you for your hard work on this map. :) :)
1591 days ago
We look forward to the long egg and the finale and BOSS. Thank you for your hard work :lol:
1608 days ago
This map make people look very comfortable, very mysterious, and a unique charm, thank you for your hard work in the above, I would like to suggest to add a long egg in this map, not easy to be defeated, and BOSS, and a unique ending, let this figure become classics. Incredible presence
1608 days ago
Looking forward to it。 Thank you for working on it. My friends and I can't wait to play  :lol:
1610 days ago
Thank you for the map and I want to work hard, through this map, but I met the wrong, my friends and I cannot be online, I hope you can solve and fix these problems, make the map more perfect, waiting for you to update
1627 days ago
I was wondering if somebody actually wants the update,mostly because its an easy fix to scripts for the revive time and such.

Here're some notes:

  • Bleedout Bug: Easy fix, script had wrong value for bleedout time.
  • Texture Glitches: Don't use t4m with my map, I won't ever give support for that. In any case, this bug happens randomly and seems to be related with some pre 2016 nvidia graphics cards. I anybody can find a solution it will be more than welcome, but I couldn't find one.
  • Dying when falling into the pit: That EE step is fool-proof. It will work always as long as you jump at the same time and have not went to the cavern already. Also, make sure you are using the latest version of the map, uploaded here. Other versions on the net can be outdatet and have that step broken.
  • Zombie Respawn System: I've tested it hundreds of times. If I increase the zombie respawn distance you could go to the other side of the map and have to wait over 2 entire minutes for zombies to show up. It has to do with vertical distance and stairs.
  • Solo Revive Grenade Issue: That, I've to confess, I couldn't fix. I don't have a clue why it happens, but I think it has to do with the way that WaW handles that. If any scripter can take alook at my scripts and see the problem, feel welcome to do so.
  • Cheats and Scripts: My scripts are located inside the .iwd, that can be opened with a winrar app. I give permission to everyone to look and mess around with my scripts and learn whatever you can, as this proves to be very useful. I don't discourage cheating, but I put a anticheat function because the only thing I don't want are noclip videos on youtube, If you cheat, you break the map. So, If you want to do so to learn, go ahead, but don't show the world my map as broken if it was you who did so.
  • Adolf, and AI: I can't and I won't ever release Adolf boss or anything I made for the map because the code is too linked between many scripts and that would mean an Immense ammount of time. If you want a boss like mine, open the scripts and learn how I did it. Then, do yours.

Double Post Merge: March 24, 2017, 06:50:00 pm
Final update released. Bleedout time for Coop and Solo Quick Revive should be fixed ny now. Texture glitch shouldn't happen anymore, but couldn't test it in older machines.

Your feedback is always welcome. Hope you enjoy the map

Thank you for your hard work. Why do we finish the design of the ceiling above the coffin, why did Hitler die? Is there an end to this picture? :troll: :poker:
1642 days ago
Thank you for working on this map, looking forward to adding EGG to the end, BOSS zombie, perfect. Thank you :troll:
1644 days ago


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