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Messages - Roach

So I decided to do something incredibly cursed and (as far as I'm aware) unprecedented
I ported a model into WaW that has an entirely custom skeleton, with entirely custom models
and I made an animscript, animtree, and aitype for it
That's all fine and well, but the animations don't properly move the AI throughout the world, and also the GSC code I wrote (as a complete beginner) doesn't seem to be working, I've familiarized myself with waittill, notify, etc, and there are no runtime errors, and there are probably a lot more active people here on the forum than on the UGX discord which is where I've been most active myself.
Any help would be more than greatly appreciated!
The below video is what I have so far, the enemy gets stuck behind the barricade since the game relies on notes to tear the boards off
SOLVED: just had to change which bone had the movement

4 months ago
I have a suggestion for Gungame if it hasn't been done already.

On FIVE, due to the gamemode giving you your gun back immediately after the thief takes it, you should make the player have the weapon they used previously, so basically the thief makes you go back a gun, requiring you to gain more points to get the gun you had before.
7 years ago
also, did it ever return to a normal state where the zombies could see you, or did it get stuck like this?

It got stuck like that.
7 years ago
I found a pretty bad bug/glitch.
On Call of the Dead I was playing Sharpshooter, and I picked up a death machine while reloading; however I had Electric Cherry.

The result was after being shocked, the zombies notargetted me.

EDIT: Also before taking this screenshot, Electric Cherry made Romero disappear while playing the "get teddy in box" girl laughing sound effect. But I couldn't screenshot it.
7 years ago
Oh, and also (I can't edit my posts for some reason, I think its the moderator thingy) can you make it so that ecstatic elixir doesn't work on George Romero in Call of the Dead, it really makes the map so easy its not even funny.

Or alternatively make it deal exactly 1 damage, so that George enrages at least.
7 years ago
not a glitch, its intended as it can mess with what gungame allows, gungame isnt meant to go on forever, so just avoid getting trapped until its over

Yeah but its nice to be able to finish the map, don'tcha think?
7 years ago
There's a glitch with Gun-Game on Moon, it doesn't let you use the Hacker, which is mandatory unless you want to get trapped on one side of the map due to the excavators.

Can you either let us use the hacker or somehow disable the excavators :please:
7 years ago
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