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Messages - DeathBringerZen

Oh man, I totally remember this map. This was the one where Nickst98 did 99% of the mapping and then Weezy428 tried to take credit for it  :P
Spoiler: click to open...
Commence flame war  ;D

I wasn't aware of that. Weezy is/was one of my favorite mappers in the custom scene after playing his first map. Remember being impressed with the visuals of his second map but being disappointed with the layout and balancing of it. Did he ever release his Shin No Numa reimagining?
4 years ago
Wow... what a milestone. I'm sure when I first joined the site only have about 20 or 30 thousand members, Maybe even less. Congratulations on being the most popular custom zombie site and for giving me hundreds of hours of entertainment and also the great privilege of having moderated on the site for a number of years. Miss the place so much but work is too demanding. I will always have the glory years and the great memories of beta testing Requiem. Good times indeed.
5 years ago
Very impressed to see you do another competition Gunns, especially with the respectable pot on offer for modders. Hopefully it gets the attention and effort the last one got. Some very impressive maps were made by the community in the previous competition and it would be nice to see them come together again.

Good luck to all who choose to get involed.
5 years ago
Are people even going to bother with bo1 given that bo3 mod tools are out? :poker:

The engine version used for BO1 (IW Engine 3.0) Was easily one of the smoothest used for zombies to date. Many would argue it was the best balanced when it came to difficulty and general play so it would almost definitely be the number one chose for modders. BO3 if far too easy for anyone who is half decent at the game-mode.

That being said, this BO1 modding project is unofficial and has been ongoing for about 3 or 4 years so I really don't expect it to take off much and despite the solid work getting put into it I fear it will be chalked down to a successful but unpopular accomplishment overall. The people who're making it happen will most likely see any public released shut down by Activision over time and even if they don't, there is not much hope of the scene giving it the platform it deserves.

Major props to all involved though as it was not an easy task but I genuinely feel it's pointless at this stage.
5 years ago
mate, where ur mod? u were among the best???

Yeah, I was and loved every single minute of it but I got a new job that I work 50+ hours a week in but the money is crazy good (I'm a robot operator for the biggest packaging firm in the world!) so I barely have time for anything these days. I hung onto my mod role for some time despite being inactive so it was only fair that I gave it up. I miss talking to the guys, especially Andy, Bryan and Tom but I honestly couldn't give them the time time the site deserves.

Maybe someday I can come back but I'm just glad I left them all on good terms and will continue to consider them and many of you guys good friends. I barely even game these days but again, the money is far too good to dwell on past times. I can now support my family and live a good life. Can't complain at that :D
5 years ago
The dude quit modding after drama went down with a few other people on discord. I'm glad he left the modding community because he is a really messed up person.

A lot of people in this scene can't seem to handle the criticism or hate that comes with map making. It's a harsh and unforgiving community and the majority of the time expectations are far too high. It's a real shame that it has to be this way but it is and unfortunately too many people leave too soon because of it. It's probably the most toxic community I've ever been a part of. My only advice to anyone joining the scene is to ignore it and carry on regardless. It takes a lot of time to master mod tools and if you are dedicated then you will continue to improve over time.
5 years ago
Personally, I think a large part of the community seriously overhyped this map from the off. This was someones first map so it was almost definitely never going to be as amazing as many expected. The fact that many were hoping for a MotD remaster in Chronicles meant it got even more attention than normal.

Shifty took his criticism pretty much the same way most first mappers did and the fact that they used Harry's scripts without crediting was a pretty bullshit move on both his and the other guys part. I don't necessarily agree with Harry reuploading it considering he never actually worked on it (that I'm aware of) but at the same time I can completely understand why he did considering how extremely talented and committed he is to his work and thoroughly deserves credit where due.

Either way, this is just another example of the community overhyping something when they shouldn't. I'm guilty of doing it in the past with Nukem's Alcatraz map and ultimately it caused more hassle than it's worth. The map still looks very nice for a first map but it should NEVER have gotten to the point it did and the mapper(s) are not to blame, the community is for making it a bigger deal than it really was.
5 years ago
I strongly encourage you to continue with this project despite the remastered map. Maybe add a new side quest or new areas to explore to help differentiate it from the remaster. It has great potential and would be a waste to abandon it now.
5 years ago
This map looks absolutely stunning. Very impressed with the detailing. Only the second time I've been impressed with a map recently, with Stevie's (StevieWonder87) map making me feel like I need to get into the custom scene one again. Just finding it hard to find the time to warrant upgrading my rig to be able to fully accommodate BO3 at it's highest settings. I will get there... eventually.
5 years ago
I'm still waiting for a cotd remake

No-one has done it, and most of the original was developed in waw so it's always been possible

Same. Not sure myself why no one has ever attempted it. Even a sequel would be nice. It's still one of my favourite maps to this day.
6 years ago
Me too, I heard the guy that runs that site is a pedophile. Scary times we live in  :o

I downloaded a map from zommods a while back and it turned out to be a homoerotic bondage movie called 'Elbow Deep' and now my PC is infected with the AID's. I won't be using that site anytime soon. Not after being duped 5 times now.
6 years ago
Looks incredible and to hear that it is part of a quadrilogy of maps is awesome, especially with such originality involved in them. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
6 years ago
This looks very impressive so far. Nice atmosphere to it also.
6 years ago
This does indeed look awesome. If you could replace the zombies with xenomorph that would be insane!
6 years ago
You need to add some pictures or a video to the OP as per the rules of posting maps on UGX. Please update the post when you get a chance.
6 years ago
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