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Messages - denis-24

Tutorial is great! Only issue is images no longer show, meaning i can't really tell what version of Blender you're using in the tutorial. You also didn't say what version you were using lol. Also i know it's been 8 years, but make a damn video tutorial already! :D
You can use up to 2.79
And +1 we need an updated plugin
8 months ago
2 years ago
I see now that there is no simple way. RIP.
7 years ago
Another thing that was really easy in WaW, but I can't figure out in bo3, is how to change the hintstrings (of doors for example).

Anyone can help?  >:(
7 years ago
I don't understand why the heck I am unable to find anything at all on how to change weapon stats like damage, clip size, etc. - how has like nobody ever asked this or made a tutorial for it  ::)

In WaW it was super ez, but no matter where I look, I can't figure out how to do it in bo3. Anyone know how to do this?  :nyan:
7 years ago
Thanks! I've modified it a bit, and it works great.
7 years ago
I'd like for some text to appear on screen when shooting a zombie with 1 bullet. Any easy way to do this?
7 years ago
I love this map for some reason  ::)
Here it is:
9 years ago
Guys i think i managed to fix all the problems, and you can download the final version now. Everything should be fine now.
9 years ago
Im working on making my map have some fog that blocks off view and am struggling with it:

(Image removed from quote.)

What I want is to be able to see to the back row of corn and no further, like how Tranzit handled the fog, if anyone can help me with fog settings or a suitable vision file for this I would appreciate it :)

The way i handled my fog problems was by going into root\mods\mapname\maps\createart\mapname_art.gsc,
and messing with these settings:

start_dist          = 440;
   halfway_dist       = 3200;
   halfway_height    = 225;
   base_height       = 64;

Im pretty sure changing start_dist will change how far from you fog is created, so maybe you could bring 440 down to 150 or something.

This is all i know, i don't know how to change fog on a specific spot on the map, sorry.

9 years ago
Far away 1 is much better than all of them. It is the hardest and I beat it in 42 rounds solo. My 2 friends and I just beat Far away 3 in only 30 rounds. However you can not buy the ending for 60k. So we just ended it after that. The door just says must have power one but it is already. So yeah that will need to be fixed.

nah you can buy it once you have 60k.
I tried to fix it for everyone as well, but in this map it just won't work when i release the fine while i test.
9 years ago
I got the latest version and the hint string for jug was wrong and i think there was a few other small issues. So far me and a friend has gotten to the sacrifice of points part and had opened 3 of them before dying. We have tried several times after this and are having trouble getting back to that point but we will keep trying.

Ey m8 i've been trying to get da hintstrings fixed for everyone but shet just messes up when i release it...thanks for the comment m8.
9 years ago
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