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Very very good map, i give 3 votes at the end of the video :)

1435 days ago
here is my gameplay on this map, i give also tree votes at the end of the video:
1515 days ago
This map is original :)

1515 days ago
My video on this map.

i re-write: how i can start the Easter egg???
1625 days ago
What a beautiful map :D

1625 days ago
How i can start the easter egg??
1625 days ago
Thank you all. I have noted down the falling without dying bug and adressing it right now.  Also  I want to warn everyone again. The boss is optional, he just spawns if u start the EE, if u don't like bosses, they annoy you etc. u can still play the regular zombie experience by just playing normally and not touching anything that Shall Not Be Touched. ;)

Lol, srlsy. I hope u enjoy the map and share your experiences, and also the bugs you find, problems etc so I can keep making this the perfect map I dreamed of.

how we can start the Easter egg? What are those green chests that i found around the map? (you will see in the video too)
1625 days ago
The map is very cool, but there are some thing that i don't like.
As you will see in my video (i'm editing it right now) the PAP room (like Buried style) as some problems:
My friend can't jump and see the text that says to use again the jump button, and i and him fall in to the spykes and we don't die.. but we stay there and we can't do anithing and zombies doesn't went in the pap room.
You will see this bug in my video.
The map has something that i want in every map of nazi zombies, looks like a map done by a Treyarch Team. Good Job and i hope you fix the problems ;).
1625 days ago
I made a special video on this map. But i'cant found the last part of the thing that i build on the table :/ .

1629 days ago
A good map with Christmas and minecraft style :-).
1669 days ago
A map hard on solo .. see the video.
1707 days ago
hard map on solo, cool.. see the video xD. I always give 3 votes for the maps that i do with a video ;)
1707 days ago


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