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Map looks great,downloading.I will play it a lot as i see from screenshots great job scobalula
1422 days ago
Map is awesome!Turn power + get jugg =13 rounds troll.... but i have idea to kill confirmed.At game mode changes and when you choose kill confirmed you should add a options 50tags/100/200 tags.Great job!
1586 days ago
Map so dark and a lot of fog.You should remove little bit fog but still very good map.Nice!
1587 days ago
I waiting for release.Map looks sick!Good job and keep work. GL&HF :O
1588 days ago
Woow Dude!Played a few times and every time exciting me more and more.You should add features list.Nice job!
1589 days ago
Idea for map nice,What i like about map:
Style shi no numa
Map is big,medium
What i didnt like:
4 Perks WUT!? U should try add random perks like shi no numa
Only WaW Weapons? No bro,Stop it now!
No pap? ok thats nothing when it is new weapons. :(
1594 days ago
So it is like "GUN MOD" from Bops 1 for kino but for nacht der riese etc.? Just modded nacht ?
1599 days ago
Kepp going.Map looking amazing i cant stand to play this map.Nice job!
1604 days ago
Man!This map is fantastic.Downloading...Nice job man!We waiting for that good maps.Do another map like that Thank you very much!
1608 days ago


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