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It's not a perfect solution tbh and I wouldn't bother linking with it, I only use it for lights.
Can you play the map without linking? What exactly does that even do? I did this a few days ago and I stopped it after 2 hours of trying to compile/link/light the default test map. It was converting images for hours.
1478 days ago
There are a few textures and models from Shadows (search for "zod") but it's not a whole lot. Unless Treyarch gives us more assets (there is no way we're getting all of them) you will need to import models from previous games so you can use them as well.
1483 days ago
I wanted to try this but Intel's download section has been broken for three days now and who knows when that gets fixed. Could someone please upload this program so I can download it? I would appreciate that.
1485 days ago
Looks pretty good so far. The windows in your fourth screenshot could use some variation because they're all damaged in the exact same way.
1486 days ago
I have a Phenom II X6 1090T and the exact same issue. Do you guys know if I could send my map files to someone, have them compile it on their machine and then send it back to me or upload it to the workshop privately so I can test it?
1489 days ago


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