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I found an out-of-map. I can't exactly explain it thoroughly in video without cheats though, and it takes about 10 minutes each to get there every time. If you wanna get into game, Whippy, I could show you it. If not, I'll get some footage and hopefully be able to edit it all together nicely.
966 days ago
Only turn offs I see so far is my FPS, and the default M1911. I can deal with the M1911, and my FPS issue won't be a problem in a couple weeks. I'll try it then.

Got my new PC, so I can start the map up again without severe FPS drops when I look towards places. I'll update when I need to.
981 days ago
Only turn offs I see so far is my FPS, and the default M1911. I can deal with the M1911, and my FPS issue won't be a problem in a couple weeks. I'll try it then.
991 days ago
Its going to be a separate map (I highly bet) so my best guess this that you are going to need to install game_mod where you can open bo1 with the custom map included
Does Game_Mod even support custom maps yet? I don't know where to get the test maps that were featured on game_mod's page.
1001 days ago
Judging by the fact that this most likely uses UGX Mod, due to the hud and it having the Jukebox, that's a slight turn-off, but I'll go ahead and try this tomorrow.
1013 days ago
2 things.

1: I'm too poor to buy a new computer to play BO3, so I'm sticking with WaW.

2. I'm too poor to buy BO3.

So, I'm... Not bad at making maps in the Source engine's Hammer, definitely not the best, but I know my way around. When I wanted to start Mapping in WaW, I was hoping "Oh, since both of these games came from a Quake game, maybe they'll be pretty much the same!" I was wrong. I don't like the controls of Radiant, they feel too tedious. Slowing them down doesn't help since CTRL + RMouse is too slow.

Is there a way I can make Radiant feel like Source's Hammer?

Edit: I just noticed my footer or note or whatever they're called in these Forums. I forgot I changed it to that.
1016 days ago
Really want to try this map today but the download link takes me back to the ugx home page fix please?
1179 days ago
There are two sides, in one there is respect and constructive criticism, then there is the far side.
I know in wich side I am with respect to the community and with respect to this page and their moderators, but no one make a mistake, I know perfectly in wich side are this page and their moderators with respect to me, practically from the start of this project.
Thank you to all people that supported this map and all people that enjoyed the map in the first public version.
This map will be updated but not in this page.
To the moderators: feel free to lock the post, delete it, ban to me or everything at once.
I think you took me the wrong way. It's a FANTASTIC map, but there's a few - lot of out-of-maps. I'm saying it's sad because some of them a bit obvious, although, I spent 30 minutes in No Mans Land to get an out of map. I really would like to help you with this process, but if you're going to discontinue, I understand. If I was the push, I'm sorry. I really just want this map to be as best as it can be. It's fantastic, like I said, but every fantastic map has problems. This maps problems are out of maps.
1215 days ago
Dear MikeVLC:

I found a LOT of out-of-map areas. It's sorta sad, really. If you tell me to go from 1 area to another without opening any doors / debris(Except inside buildings), It'd be possible on this. There's way too many to list off or take pictures of, so I propose that you hop into a game with me and I'll show you the ones I remember. If you're willing to do this, I'll need to know a few things:

Where are you located in the world?
How is your internet?
How is your FPS?

I just wanna know these so I know I can have a reliable connection. Some of the out-of-maps require precision.

ZM, an unofficial Bug Tester.
1216 days ago
those are old screenshots, fear not.
Ah, alright. UGX Mod got stale after a while. It was trying too hard to stray away from the main WaW base, which I don't see a purpose for.
1221 days ago
Hm, it's running UGX Mod... I'm not a fan of UGX Mod. I think I'd like it more if the YAW maps didn't always have them. Still though, looks good.
1221 days ago
are you sure you have the updated 1.1 version?
I definitely have 1.1 . You updated the map on September 22nd-ish. I downloaded it in October.

Double Post Merge: October 20, 2016, 07:48:15 pm
Found out what happened. For some reason, 1.1 wouldn't go to my mods folder by itself.
1221 days ago
Can you please provide me with a previous version of the map? I am having a graphically error that seems to only occur on this specific map for both download links. Here is what the issue looks like:
That's definitely not the versions fault. Dunno why that happens.
1222 days ago
I like these types of maps. They're simple, fun, and you don't need to end the game. I did find a few bugs though.

1. The Levitator Weapon can produce drops, and they're impossible to grab.

2. You can get QR a second time, and if you use it, you get a stance error.

3. Random crashes.

4. Either you capped Banana Colada to be 2 uses, or it stops working.

5. Don't know what caused this, but Speed Cola on my perks list was flickering.

6. The chalk you scripted isn't that great. You can just buy em for free.

There's prob a few more, but I can't think of any.
1223 days ago

Where's is the power?
Yeah, I had trouble with this too. Found out what. There's 3 generators. 1 in spawn, and 1 behind each of the the houses. Throw nades at em to explode them. The Bunker next to Sleight of Hand will open. Power's down there. There's 2 power switches.
1224 days ago


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