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Map mod by jiggy22.
1408 days ago

Map by Sidzzz.
1445 days ago
Awesome revamp, going to play and record for my Youtube channel.
1445 days ago

"I'm back, madafackas" - M3RKMUS1C

Haven't posted a video or a long while, back in hell for the buyable ending.
1445 days ago
Downloaded the map, will record tomorrow, subscribed to you Gunns ever since you were on NGT!
1629 days ago
I wonder where the ambient music came from when you hear during the map.
1629 days ago

Getting close to beat the map, gets a G_Spawn error instead.
1769 days ago
Downloading and going to record for my youtube channel.
1787 days ago
Sometimes, I have the JP version of BO2, I don't have Origins as of yet.

PSN: LusianoTheDemon
1806 days ago


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