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When i download seelow in the Map manage it doesn't remove it self from new map versions and when I come to play it, it says compile error any ideas why?

Cheers Dan
2733 days ago
Both are possible but I can't make any promises at this stage.

Yeah i understand thanks for the information again :)

Cheers Dan
2782 days ago
Seelow is CoDMapper's personal project. I believe he is waiting on some work to be finished that he outsourced.

I still recommend you make sure your friend forwarded his ports correctly. 99% of the time, that's the issue.

There will be a beta soon of [UGX] Paradox available to donators only (its an early stage beta), there will be a beta of finalized UGX Bar 2.0 available soon (again, donors only), and there will be a beta of another upcoming unannounced map (donors only) available in the coming month or two (depends on how long UGX Mod takes to finish).

Thanks for the heads up on the beta release time scales, as a rough estimate do you think we will be seeing either of UGX paradox or  UGX bar hitting beta by the end of the month?

Cheers Dan
2782 days ago
Both sides need correctly forwarded ports. Also, it comes down to ping, not your bandwidth. I have a 30mb connection, doesn't mean I will have a good ping to someone in Europe (for example) from the United States.

We also live in a matter of miles from one another and our ping seems good we'll just have to keep trying our luck :)

Can't wait for you to keep adding some more maps to ugx mod, don't suppose your going to add selow any time soon?

Cheers dan
2782 days ago
Thanks for the info mate but i have 80mb internet and the other person has 20mb it cant be down to connect problems,

Do i need any other ports opening? Do both players need the ports opening or just the host;

Any other ideas?
2783 days ago
Yes, you get instant access. However, we are still in the process of preparing the beta(s). There many not be a beta for as long as a month's time.

Okay mate thanks alot :)
2783 days ago
hi all,

you may remember we discussing this before but a number of maps on the ugx mod I am unable to play on co op.

The maps unable to player are as follows:
UGX Cabin

also Night I believe

All the others I can play in co op, Both me and the person who i play with have the ports open, which are displayed below:

TCP   28960   
UDP   3074
UDP   28960

Any ideas as to what may be causing this, or a quick solution to the problem?

Cheers Dan
2783 days ago
Beta testing for....

I read somewhere that if you donate you et beta access to the new uncoming maps including bar v2?
That is correct.

Do you get access straight away?
2784 days ago
Beta testing for....

I read somewhere that if you donate you et beta access to the new uncoming maps including bar v2?
2784 days ago
Your name is Dan? I think i love you

Yes my name is Dan, i'm guessing yours is too :), do you know if the beta testing is still running, if so is it launched yet or not?

Cheers Dan
2784 days ago
Hi VOneShot, thanks for the kind words :) we have some guides on our Wiki page, though the radiant one is a little incomplete :P you may also find CoDMapper's video tutorials useful, these can be found at
Right now there is no set release date for Bar or the other unannounced project, but we will keep you updated with posts on the WIP threads in the forums. :)

Cheers for the links, i'll be sure to check them out :)
2784 days ago
Hi all,

First of all i would like to say that the UGX creating that have been made are probably the best custom maps I've seen with bar 1.1 having detail right down to the last little bits.

Can't wait for v2.

Now you've started anding none UGX maps to the client I have been able to play more zombie maps without having to mess around search for good maps as i know that you have selected the map for its amazing merits.

I have decided to give map creating a go and would love it if you could put me in the right direct to how to do it Properly, Do you have any resources or guides as to how to get started, ive used some in the past but most of them don't help you that much.

Cheers Dan

P.s. do you have a date set for the release of Bar v2 and the other un named maps?
2784 days ago
What is the ping limit, we are normally pretty good for ping...also what are the recommend ports to forward I've forwarded some

Cheers for helping me
2845 days ago
Yeah and bar too no issues
2845 days ago
I have the latest version we both use the ugx downloaded with the latest update both go into loading then I go syncing then ready and the player gets nothing and kicks us to menu, tried hosting other way around and same outcome just other way around they ready I don't
2845 days ago


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