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What song was used because I hear music playing during rounds and it is nice.

Sorry for the late reply I was very busy,  Anyways its the music from last of us.
937 days ago

Some updated screen shots of the map.

I don't want to spoil to much of the map, The map is getting closer and closer to be done :P
984 days ago
Have not posted updates for a while will be updating this map later today :)

And I have added some stuff since the video that I last posted.
987 days ago

I got bored so I did a weapons preview of my own map.
1005 days ago
Great review Jiffy :P
1014 days ago
Really nice map, Great work! :)
1029 days ago
Also I don't know if you know this, but the panzer soldat boss was bugged when I played just now.
I was in the underground section where PaP is and I heard him spawn in the beginning of the wave.
I killed most of the zombies before I exited via the hole/dropdown.
I later came back to the underground area and right where you drop down there is a window. I saw him in there, running endlessly trying to prob. get out and go after me.
So that area might have some bugged nav mesh or whatever you call it in the [email protected] map editor.

Yeah I do know about that glitch with the panzer in the basement,  The only glitch I believe on the map.  But the bad news is that I will no longer update this map as I have moved on to other projects,  But thanks for reporting it.  :)

If you play custom maps on black ops 3 make sure to look out for this map on black ops 3 at some point :)
1066 days ago
Very nice looking map, but sadly the sound ruins it completely for me.
I like the custom background music and also some sound effects like boarding windows, but the gun sounds literally make me deaf. They have so much gain/bass or whatever. They just sound bad. I know I could try to fumble around with my audio settings and turn sound effects down maybe try to find a good ratio, but I won't bother fucking around with my settings.
Sorry, nice looking and probably playing map, but the sounds for the guns give me a headache.

Thanks I'm hoping when I can port this map to bo3 it will look much better.

The gun sounds are on the SFX channel so you can just turn that down.  Due to feedback from this map I will be lowering the gun sounds in my next project for bo3 :P Also sorry for the late reply been really busy :/
1074 days ago
the panzer soldat comes back in a few rounds? he never came back for me

Sometimes he does,  And sometimes he dose not.
1095 days ago
i would say this map would be in my top 3 of a top 50 zombie maps of all time or top 2

btw the panzer soldat is broken if you move to far from him he will just leave the map

Thanks,  That means a lot.

Also that is not a bug that's was added and he will come back within a few rounds.
1103 days ago
Here is something I worked on for about a hour total :P Totally new area added to UnDead Hospital :)

1109 days ago

Added a bunch of detail since waw,  Where I spammed models I now made it look nicer with improved lighting and fx.  Plus many more areas have been updated with better detail :)

Many more updates to come hopefully,  I may do one update where its a huge updated pictures with all the new areas in black ops 3 :P
1130 days ago
Hmmm, I wonder why. Its stock prefab, going to take a look quick in Radiant

Edit: wtf, you need to be above the wallbuy to get the trigger:

(Image removed from quote.)

Trying to fix it now and push update, thanks for reporting

Your welcome :P
1131 days ago
Great map! Had a quick run of it and got to round 25 :P

Although I think I found one bug where you can't buy the Kuda wallbuy,  And I did try moving closer and such  :P
1132 days ago


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