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 I thought I did put an warning on Caps Lock right above the download button, can't say why people don't see it

6 years ago
So I have T4M installed, and I spent an incredibly long time messing around with the options, but the game refuses to run on any setting higher than medium. I dont know if it's my inability to manually allocate more VRAM due to me not knowing how to, or if I'm just missing another option, but so far I've only run the game on low textures, and to  be honest, I spent 40 minutes trying to get it to work. The map looks good and played good, but was not worth 40 minutes to only play on low textures. I could attempt to record what happens with some combinations and paste a crash log (if there is one) if you're willing to help. I can tell you spent a lot of time on this map and I just want to play it in it's fullest.

This is a problem that's been happening to some people,especially on Win10.Did you try to delete the folder from AppData and reinstall the map again?If you did try turning off shadows,spec map,dual video cards,etc,also try to lower the resolution.I'd love to update this map,but I don't have the files anymore,I lost everything in the older computer.Sorry for the inconveniences.

Double Post Merge: October 12, 2018, 03:38:15 am
Once I was able to get the code I really enjoyed this map, hell I was able to get three of the four digits very quickly, just the second one needed was hard for me to find lol. I like that this map has a 6 perk limit instead of 4, it makes it a lot more replayable, but I think you may as well just get rid off it entirely. I like the fact that the reward for the soul boxes is actually great and the pen drive is a nice touch. Although the placement of the door buying could use some work because I didn't even realize that the bus was buyable until after 5-6 games. At first I thought maybe my version was broken. I'm pretty sure that that's just a typical WaW feature of having iffy prompts, but still if that at all fixable please do so. Also I'd like a bit more ammo for the guns, even 1 or 2 mags of spare would be great.
Lol,don't know why some people don't notice the buyable bus,it's quite funny actually.I know the second code is hard to find,that's why I did put it there ::).I don't see why I should remove the perk limit,once you get the Apothicon Servant and Mark II it's GG,too easy for players to die,also it gives the map a characteristic from Treyarch's ones.Anyway I would like to update the map,but like I said earlier,I lost everything in the older computer,so I can't,sorry.BTW thanks for your comment,really appreciate it!
6 years ago
looking nice by screenshots makes me wonder how did i not find this before

Double Post Merge: May 27, 2018, 06:00:44 am
Well after playing it for a few tries (like 10 trying to find the code) after i found it then map became smooth and easy sailing
just hit round 42 and just ended it could have gone for 50 got a bit boring.
The map has alot of positives and alot of problems
my opinion of it positives
1. nice weapon selection
2. interesting map layout
3. But the weapon pap are a bit of a split some of terrible and others are great
now problems
1. the code was a bit hard to find some players would have given up
2. like said weap pap are a bit weak or some are very strong also lack of ammo for paped guns
3. crashes a bit could be my problem
4. spawning locations are mostly centered only around the player as in your in pap room zombies will mostly only spawn there
5. zombies are very inconsistent from all the stuff on the road
6. the weapons seemed like they had a high fire rate cap like the starting pistol seemed like it was capped to 400-500rpm
7. this is a bit of just me but when you have tons of strong perks and free gun given for doing soul boxes along with high ammounts of max and drops and box always trying to give me a raygun mk2 it became a bit easy
over all was a fun map
id say on a scale
6-7/10 for map design
8/10 for weapon being from bo3
6/10 for replayability

Thanks for the review and for your feedback!Sorry for the problems you've been through.I decided to let the code a little hard to find just to add some difficulty and objective,as ou said,after you found it the map became easy.I'm sorry for the crashes and the zombie IA with stuff on the road,not a scripter so I can't fix it because I don't know how to.After all,this is my first ever project.But again,thanks for your feedback and for the round 42!
6 years ago
I've been trying to play this map and it keeps crashing during the loading screen.

I do have T4M installed. I did what was recommended a page or two back and changed the various settings from automatic to manual and it still crashes. The crash does give me an error, but it locks up my screen and the only way to get back out is to close the process manually, which closes the error page as well, so I can't see what it says.

Any ideas? I checked just to make sure and my other maps are indeed working, it's just this one for some reason.

Hmm,interesting.Well I ask apologies for this problem happening to you.It has happened to me on some maps and I honestly don't know what it is or what causes it.When it happened to me I did some things that was not in the instructions of the map to get it working,you can try it to.What I did was remove T4M from the root folder,download a new copy and paste there,unistall the map from the game and install it again and clean a bit of memory of my computer by running CCleaner and close some processes.I think it may depend on the person's pc because some can play normally and other don't.Again,my apologies
6 years ago
this map is so badddd.
it crashes and is unplayable even when you try to do the crappy fix. nice job  :lol:

Works with everyone,even with who messaged me with  issues fixed them and now can play normally.Don't think the map is the problem.Read the full post before saying something you don't know.Pay ATTENTION to the instructions and try again  ;)
6 years ago
POWER??? WHERE IS IT?! i can only make it up to round 6-9 without power :poker: :lol:
Power is after that garage near the bridge,but you will need a code.Good luck
6 years ago
I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR A MAP LIKE THIS FOR SOO LONG :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :cute: thank you so much...

Thanks dude!Appreciate your feedback
6 years ago

Change your textures from "Automatic" to anything and should work,otherwise try to re-install the map

Double Post Merge: April 20, 2018, 05:05:19 pm
I really like the openness of the map, great job :)

Thnaks m8!Glad you liked it! :)
6 years ago
The Game  Crashes When it load the map

Do you have T4M installed?
6 years ago
Nice to see an update, good luck!

I may have time to revisit this map. :D

Thanks m8!.Glad you liked the map!
6 years ago
I see the final update will be coming soon, might come back when that drops and give this a crack.

Until sunday it will be released

Double Post Merge: April 12, 2018, 04:10:00 pm
can you plz remove some props to make space for training i cant play your map bec i cant train i keep getting killed and bec of that the beta version was alot more fun to me

Don't worry,I removed some props,but if you play more the map you'll know how to deal with them
6 years ago
There is a tutorial on zombiemodding,search for it there
6 years ago
Not sure of this, don't remember very precisely.Make a trigger_hurt and give the Targetname "dmg" and give the value 100 or more(without jugg,if your map  have it give something more than 250)
6 years ago
6 years ago
ok. im new to this website. how do i edit my message?

Top right of your message and then modify

Double Post Merge: March 24, 2018, 04:46:32 pm
Hey, I've been having an issue where this map won't start, it just crashes mid-loading screen and freezes all up. I changed Textures from Automatic, so It cant be that... Help?

Have you changed.all.of them?Do you have T4M?

Double Post Merge: March 25, 2018, 12:13:36 am
Lord BEPIS disliked the map. It was small, the PaP names are shit, and you can't upgrade the Apothicon Servant. Overall, Lord BEPIS gives the map a Jeff/10
Lord  BEPIS may forgive me then,I'm not a elite mapper your highness,and the PaP names aren't supposed to be good but references.Upgraded AS?Too op...
6 years ago
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