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Thank you much appreciated! 
I'm gonna take cyanide pills now.

Double Post Merge: May 11, 2019, 01:39:53 am

This video rollon made for installing his mod is pretty much the same process to install this mod.
477 days ago
Is there instructions somewhere on this site about how to install this mod?  Can someone help?  what are the basic steps?  
509 days ago
Hey there, Great map.  I just want you to know that you can squeeze through the 1st triangle door for certain (at least in co-op) and then the zombies just stand there at the bottom of the map.  Also I think the 3rd door which is also a triangle you can squeeze through.  I know we did that with two of them.  There were a couple more that did not let us do this but we did not make it to the top of the map, there may be more.  Fun map - love the drops.!!!
1132 days ago
This is really an amazing map - one of the best hands down, if not the best.  It blew me away as I entered each area.  Epic.  Truly epic.!!!
1202 days ago
Can someone please help a brother out and put some good instructions in on how to install this.

1 - I downloaded game mod v1.1 and copied contents into my BO1 directory replacing any files with same name that existed

2 - downloaded the mod and put those files in a folder call MODS created in my black ops 1 root directory

3 - lanched the .bat file, i can see a custom zombies tabs but no maps.   launched kino, still same old kino.  please help!!!
1343 days ago

There used to be a page that had all the 2015 custom map contest entries / winners and links to all the maps.  I cannot find that now.  Does anyone know what happened?

1399 days ago

Wow I can see you guys are posting a bunch of YAW maps now.  Thank you.  I know the community was always looking to play your maps and disappointed when they were not available.  This move is much appreciated.

1459 days ago
This map is fun as hell and had a great time playing co-op.  Can't wait for the next version.  Interesting enough one of the guys i was playing co-op with was invisible to me and you seem to get stuck on the walls, especially by the doors.

Awesome map though had loads of fun.
1473 days ago
Fantastic Map, Fantastic Job..... and I have played well over 100 maps... and then some...
1485 days ago
Unfortunately this map does not work you don't have any weapon when you spawn and you can't knife... was this tested......
1679 days ago
Dude this map must be finished and released!!!  I donated to Oil Rig when it first came out.  Quite honestly I have played lots of maps and yours are amazing detailed, look professional and are challenging and great to play.

Please release this.
1709 days ago
Just found this awesome map, any idea when it will be released?  Looks really great!
1709 days ago
Ok I am going to test your websites logic here.  I have 19 posts, this is my 20th post so right after this I should be able to submit a vote... right now i cannot!!

1759 days ago
Why is this MAP Contest not more prominently promoted?  Is it me or you almost have to stumble upon it.  All these maps look great and bet more folks would play them and vote if they knew this was going on.  Suggestion how about making the first map slot in your cycling banner up top an advertisement for this map contest!!  You can move Requiem to the second slot.  Cannot wait to try these maps!
1764 days ago
WHAT THE!!!!!!????!!!!

Hit the box and got a PPSH!!! YEAH...   NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

All it did was continue to reload when i tried to fire.  OMG Super Troll. LOL.

Map looks great but do the box guns work???

Thanks get a fix out there man I want to play this.!!
1803 days ago


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