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Hi man,

yes g_spawn error will appear when you reached around 1022 entities (exactly: 1024 I guess) :( ;)

Maybe will also help to use spawn method on the triggers, origins, models when it is needed.

like you can do spawning a EE after amount of rounds that is survived or also possible option is maybe to do a EE in steps like as example:

spawn the EE after round 5 for step 1.
finding 3 different keys to unlock a special door.

when they finished step 1 and have unlocked the door.
you can spawn step 2.
you need to find some items to build and use it somewhere else in the map.


it is a suggestion ;)

Sorry for my bad english.

Best regards,
1038 days ago
Hi man,

good to hear that you started mapping ;)  also nice to to have a picture about the problem.

so I can see you using blend textures there going through everything if they don't have a base texture under it or behind it.

I have few tips for you when you going to start mapping on a day:

* when you setting new texture on a brush or patch keep a eye on the texture names:
example:   texture_01 and texture_01_blend  the texture with the name:  _blend on the end are for blending stuff like exploded walls (with a good texture looks really good then for a exploded wall). there are also _wet and many more textures types.

* keep also a eye on the scaling of the texture to make it more realistic.

* make a extra brush between the door way to make a better door way look :)

* using more textures to improve your map.

* don't forget to use decals on floors, walls, celling, rooftop and many more.

I hope that this will help you out of the problem and many helpfull tips.

best regards,
1039 days ago
Thanks for the help, I'll try it out in a little bit! :)

You welcome, oké is good man.

if you have still the problem then you can also try this.

if you have a custom weapon that is a submachine gun weapon then search for in world at war weapon like as example:

zombie_mp40  and edit it to the custom weapon version of the submachine gun weapon.

example: zombie_mp40 (waw) -> pm63 (bo1) only as example of course.

I hope that will help :)
Sorry for my bad english.

best regards,
1040 days ago
Yeah, but what I don't get is that I'm using T4M, which is supposed to increase that limit from 128 to 320 or so.

Hi man,

It can also possible having wrong settings on the weapon file and then codwaw will crash aswell :(

best regards,
1040 days ago
Very great full map, good job making this map ;)  8)

best regards,
1067 days ago
Hi man,

I see that you get trouble with playing different sounds on that?

I have sometimes also tried to export sounds like that and when I found the files before I have exported I used self 'VLC media player' to listening the sounds not all sounds will work but some of them wel what I know.

I hope that this will help you more out of this ;)

best regards,
1073 days ago
Hello calen,

You can use Tom's xmodel exporter to export codwaw models into bo3 ;)

and don't forget to convert the xmodel file to the bin file with 'export2bin' from bo3. :)

best regards,
1200 days ago
didnt work ;(
when i click on the map, it says loading usermaps, and then...
it just freezes

okay damn man, that is strange, sorry but at the moment I don't know more solutions. maybe later that I know something I will let you know. :)

best regards,
1201 days ago
Hello Community,
I have a problem namely the:

^1ERROR: unable to load file 'sound/zone//'

^1ERROR: sound aliases failed to load

What can I do, that the error is no longer?

Hi Str1k3r,

I had that problem before and for some reasons I fixed it by changing my decimal from  ,  to  .
and after that I re-compile my map with (compile, light, link).

The Error is gone from the console list in launcher and the weapon sounds etc are working then.

How to fix it:

Go to:
 Control panel > Clock, language and region  > country and language > more settings... >  ...
Go to:
 Control panel > country and language > more settings... > ...

change: Decimal sign 


some people was talking about this and later I have it tried out and for me it works  :)

I hope that this will help you ;)

best regards,
1203 days ago
Hi Smasher248,

I had the problem before aswell, but I solved it by opening my map in Radiant and after some stuff created and/or changed when I want to close radiant it's says something about 'Lighting export'  and Idk what that does but I have that thing exported and when radiant was closed.

I just started compile my map(all the 3 boxes selected)

after I have compiled my map and started the map it's working.

but if I have only a map created and only opened in radiant then it will not work ingame because bo3 can't find the files but it can show your new map that is not compiled :D

I know that if it's says:  usermaps in the top right corner, then the mod is not working good and will changed to usermaps. (that is what happens by me if I have only a map that is not yet compiled, I can launch the mod but it will result the usermaps mod loaded)

I don't know if you have already that tried ?

best regards,
1203 days ago
great tutorial man, good job  ;)  8)

best regards,
1205 days ago
Tutorial by JBird to fix this:
(Content removed from quote.)
Should fix it for you.

Thank you man for helping me ;)

it's working now, Thanks  8)

Best regards,
1206 days ago
Hello guys,

I have a problem, I just started with Bo3 mod tools but after I have created a new zombie map and also compiled the map (builded the mod)

I'm trying to run the mod from Launcher but it doesn't work :(

when the game starts and it's loading the map I guess?   then the game stopt and gives me these error:

ERROR: Could not find zone 'en_zm_levelcommon'

also I was trying to launch the map from the game it self by  Mods but  my list was empty.
When I check by zombies and select as example on solo there is my map.?

I'm trying to launch my map from there but after that my game freezes and stops working.

can someone help me with this problem ?

thanks in advance.

best regards,
1207 days ago
Wait? People play WaW MP? Who wants to 1v1 me on this map, I'll rek u scrub. :P

GG on the release.

yes xD haha, maybe I want playing later at time but not at the moment sorry man.


New MP custom maps are very rare these days. Fantastic job!

Even though I don't play WaW MP that often, I'm sure by the looks of it that this map looks like fun!

Thanks man :)

Looks interesting, now the last thing I need is finding people to play with on this map.  :alone:

thanks man, yeah sometimes it is difficult yeah :D

why are the pictures hidden? i think if you spend alot of time making a map people would want to see it, atleast if they are about to download it or not

no problem man, I fixed it now and I removed the spoiler :D

Maybe in the future converting the map for ZM?

that is possible but not at the moment, but thanks for the advice

Thank you guys for the comments. ;)

Best regards,
1333 days ago


Hello guys, A friend was asking if I could make a Multiplayer map and yes this is my first Multiplayer map that I have created, I called the map: 'Firstday' because of my first multiplayer map of course.

I hope you enjoy this Multiplayer map.

  • Custom Killstreaks
  • fx effects
  • crossbow (only from carepackages)
  • moving train
  • turrets
  • some explodable objects (cars, barrels, walls, etc)
  • doors can be open/closed (ghosts)
  • maybe more

Information about the map:

* Custom Killstreaks:
there are 4 boxes with a laptop on it, there you can select your own killstreak to earn them by killing enemies.

how to use the killstreak menu.

- Shoot / Fire Button is going forward (down)
- Aim / zoom Button is going back (up) also don't forget to press again to stop moving the cursor.
- F / Use Button is Selecting the Killstreak on the current position where the Cursor are.
- Melee / Knife Button is Exit the Killstreaks Menu.

Selecting the 3 killstreaks from low to high example:

Carepackages required 4 kills.
Clusterbomb Strike required 7 kills.
Dogs (K9) required 9 kills.

then make sure that you will do First:  Carepackage,  Second Clusterbomb   and the Last one Dogs.

< Pictures >

  • Classifiedd
  • Ray1235
  • gamer9294
  • Marsvinking
  • sanya (crossbow)
  • susel (crossbow)
  • Bwc66930
  • some other members from the ugx community

if I forget someone let me know by sending me a pm :)


info:  after you have installed the map. 
1. start Call of Duty World at War. 
2. Select 'Multiplayer'. 
3. Select 'Mods' 
4. then make you choice what you going to do.  'Starting new Server'  or 'Find Game'

Download link (Mega) :

Download link (Mediafire) :

I think this will be first and maybe the last Multiplayer map that I have created xD  (because of the codwaw Multiplayer engine :( ) but do not worry I'm still making zombie maps xD

best regards,
1338 days ago


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