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goku model and playeranimtype update:

1435 days ago
awesome. a lot of progress is being made with the underwater attack system, the swimming animations are working with every fire type. it's definitely going to be a cool experience for the players 8)
1552 days ago
it's nice to see more progress 8)
1578 days ago
Or you know just manually define the origin.
Yeah he could probably do that for this if the origin is predictable. The other day when I was struggling with the same issue (getplayerangles() as a clientdvar in clientscripts), the only solution for the moveto() problem was my previous post.
1584 days ago
I recently had a similar problem in clientscripts, if you can get the rock2_target.origin to print and it still isn't working. Then you may have to convert it to an integer (shouldn't need to with this, but I'm just trying to help).
rock2_target = GetEnt("rock2_Start","targetname");
iprintln(rock2_target.origin); //test
origin0 = int(rock2_target.origin[0]);
origin1 = int(rock2_target.origin[1]);
origin2 = int(rock2_target.origin[2]);
rock2 MoveTo((origin0, origin1, origin2), 3, 0.1, 0.1);
1584 days ago
Awesome, and if anybody is wondering about the camera/world rotation hack it's just this.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1587 days ago
Progress is being made 8)
1588 days ago
What happened to your WaW perfect akimbo?
I still have it and everyone will get to use it when I finish my map. It's gsc controlled though, so I'm thinking about including the option to make it synchronized if your ping isn't that good. I don't think I've ever called it perfect, but to my knowledge it's the most advanced one that has existed in waw to date.

Keep up the great work Rollonmath42, your BO1 mods are awesome.
1590 days ago
Hybrid Akimbo? Nice. It's good to see it in BO1 as well.
1590 days ago
Cool map idea, PM sent.
1592 days ago
Sounds interesting, can you do anything new on the viewmodel animation side of things? Even if it's just spawning another model it will be a game changer.
1597 days ago
Your version is better that mine, how can i make the anims like yours?
Your version is good too, the extra boost you get from sliding can help keep you alive. I used the M9A1 slide anims from ghosts (was a pain in the ass porting it to waw, had to reanimate the left gun). After you get some viewmodel slide anims, you just need to add them to an additional weapon file...utilizing the pullout, idle, and putaway anim slots. The worldmodel anims are a different story, but once you get used to playeranimtypes you can just use the crouch anim like I did (the slide anim from ghosts and aw looks so much better lol).
1630 days ago
Nice job! The slide is my favorite move. Are you thinking about trying to tackle the viewmodel anims as well? It's definitely possible if you're up for the challenge, I think my version turned out pretty good...check out my YT channel. Keep up the great work.
1631 days ago
This happens if you try to import the WAW slash/stab xanim as well. When the engine attaches the knifemodel to tag_knife_attach there is a rotational offset, but for some reason only if tag_knife_attach is a child of j_wrist_le. Are you sure the starting pistol is using the newly converted xanims and not the original ones? If anything you should just experience the viewhands being slightly more forward, since it's common for WAW viewmodel anims to have different offsets to tag_torso opposed to BO1 or BO2 viewmodel anims. The default tag_knife_attach design in WAW is pretty bad though, I had to do it differently to achieve everything seen in melee mod v2.
1636 days ago
These are third person anims for dual wield, minigun, crossbow, perk drinking and dive to prone. My previous version of dive to prone actually cheated a little bit by spawning a model and playing the animations on the clone since I never knew how to play them on the player; however, now they are being played properly on the player and no clone is used.
Nice job on the playeranimtypes, so much better than spawning a new model. I ended up doing that for the slide as well, it would be nice if more of the player anims worked though...not sure if the default anim issue still exists. Keep up the great work on the map, looking awesome.
1638 days ago


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