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Yeah you would need to own the game
2639 days ago
prefab_berlin_fusebox01 - prefab_berlin_fusebox05
2639 days ago
This'll fix it,

1. Start Menu -> Run -> "regedit" -> OK
2. File -> Export -> "backup.reg"
3. HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> iw
4. Delete the folder "CoDWaWRadiantModTool".
5. Start Radiant and reselect the project file in "CoDWaW root/bin".
2642 days ago
1. In your .map you have an area that contains three textures,


There is not technique set for these textures, so they won't compile. Since techsets are a serious pain, I would just pick different textures, or only use two. Unfortunately techsets don't automatically generate in WaW, like they do in CoD4.

2. It is not possible to make streams out of dynamic water, you can only make streams out of textures with the suffix _stream.
2651 days ago
It's an interesting area in the job place now, saying that it's one of the most, if not the most competitive areas. Unfortunately, a lot of studios have turned 3+ years of professional experience into a job requirement, which makes no sense whatsoever in the long run. I would say first off, do you have a portfolio? There are many free website hosts where you could quickly throw one together. Main thing about level design is geometry. This is the biggest thing they look at. How do you block out your map's areas, how does it flow, etc. Fine detailing is mostly done by the art team, which is something to keep in mind. Radiant is as good as level editors get, so that's great that you have experience there. Some studios that use Radiant are Sledgehammer, Raven, Infinity Ward, and Treyarch. You can apply to those at anytime, since they are all under the Activision system. The biggest thing is to get a large portfolio, with level type variety. Another thing they look at is team experience, it's good if you have some works in which you collaborated with a team in order to complete. They like this since it is similar in how they work. I'm open to answer other questions and help. I'd also like to see your portfolio if you have one, or once you finish it.
2658 days ago
Textures > Find/Replace
2680 days ago
Follow this, do it exactly though or you could mess some stuff up.

1. Start Menu -> Run -> "regedit" -> OK
2. File -> Export -> "backup.reg"
3. HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> iw
4. Delete the folder "CoDWaWRadiantModTool".
5. Start Radiant and reselect the project file in "CoDWaW root/bin".
2685 days ago
Does Textures > Surface Inspector not even work?
2685 days ago
Well that's awesome
2811 days ago
Too many structural brushes, probably only structural brushes.
2827 days ago
Not quite sure... do your pathnodes have DON'T_LINK checked? or is connect paths not selected when you compile?
2827 days ago
Legend of Zelda, playing Skyward Sword now.
2871 days ago
Best episode of the series yet. The acting by Andrew Lincoln at the end was just insane
2874 days ago
So happy to get my Walking Dead back, had to go to somebody's house tonight to watch it xD
2889 days ago


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