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1227 days ago
Lord BEPIS disliked the map. It was small, the PaP names are shit, and you can't upgrade the Apothicon Servant. Overall, Lord BEPIS gives the map a Jeff/10

1230 days ago
Why was this map made in 2018? Stale, repetitive, no excuse for it being so small and lazily made, regardless of being first map or not. I'll give props for not putting Jug in the map, wouldn't fucking work anyways.

1230 days ago
I had some excessive difficulties when it came to actually making cinematics for this map, and world at war in general. But I gave myself a release date, and didn't complete them upon said release date, so I packaged what I had and released it. If I hadn't done that, I probably would still be working on it now, and there's no way I would want to do that.

How did you get out of the map to the tank? I swear I blocked that off with an invisible wall after I couldn't get the damn thing to move.

naclip  ::)
1310 days ago

I beat the map before DarkPotato did, which means i am absolutely 100% better than him at life. There is no argument towards the truth. Get fcked plz 10/10 ign k thx bye uh uh uh uh.

1310 days ago

this entire post in a nutshell.
1310 days ago
How about you release another version of the map with Cod WW2 weapons after you're finished with the one with MWR weapons?

shave your nipples

ign 10/10
1310 days ago

Ending cinematic was amazing. :derp:
1310 days ago
I have an idea for swamp like maps, even if there's going to be a custom made shi no numa. I was thinking put zombie alligators in those specific maps, like if you can get into the zombie's spawn you would have a chance for an alligator to swoop up and bite your character and bring your character underground and instantly kill them. What is your thoughts about it?

1310 days ago
(Image removed from quote.)
(Image removed from quote.)

Some updated screen shots of the map.

I don't want to spoil to much of the map, The map is getting closer and closer to be done :P

where the progress at?
1310 days ago
They are of no use.  I know of a few bright and somewhat happy maps.  One is the Hello Kitty map.  Then you have a My Little Pony map, I can even make one if not too complexe to make you or others happy

plz stop furry fgt thx bye
1310 days ago
This Piece of Shit t4m plugin ultimately fucked my damn game up.  Because of it, I can't even choose one of my accounts I clearly have, and I can't even make a new one without getting an unhandled exception error relating to my accounts.  I tried every little thing, still wont work.
This virus program needs to be taken down.

Sounds like you've fallen and can't get up

1327 days ago
Last Gen World at War looking solid  :alone:
1378 days ago


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