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Right, so just gave this map a try and I have to say it's a fair bit of fun. I am familiar with Cryogenic so it didn't take long for me to adapt. Very similar gameplay. Not sure why so many people are having trouble playing it. I experienced no crashes or even any frame drop and my PC isn't exactly top-of-the-line.

One thing that really bothers me is the damn jumpscare up at the top of the tower. I know it's half-hearted since it doesn't even make a noise and is clearly meant to be a joke, but I just hate them myself.

However, after all is said and done, there is very little more amusing than hearing the Tourettes Guy scream 'YOU HAVE BALLS!' in the middle of a zombies game XD
2074 days ago
You need to choose each setting at least once before you are allowed to exit the screen with the Save and Close button. This isn't a bug...
This is not the case for me. Let me be more specific. I entered the UGX Mod Options and changed the Controller Input off to navigate the menu with the mouse and the Save and Close option pops up. Ok, seems fine so far. I later decide to change it back, as well as take a closer look at the other options, so I go into the Mod Options again and notice that before I change it back, the Save and Close option is already available, but then disappears when I turn the Controller Input back on.

This is also shared by the other 'toggle' options such as turning Hitmarkers on. Turning them off or muting them lets me exit but turning them on stops me from exiting. The FOV and Sensitivity sliders, however, regardless of how much they are changed, do not let me exit, so I'm forced to change a setting that I didn't want to change in order to exit.

In short, the Save and Close option only appears if at least one of the options is not on it's default setting, at least that's what happens for me. Is that normal?
2101 days ago
Ok, this I did not expect!
In a nutshell, great map design that actually coaxed me into exploring (actually enjoyed it too), excellent weapon selection (oh my god, a working Gersch Device and a Winter's Howl that doesn't suck!) and loving the elemental PaP!

Thoroughly enjoying it, however there are a two issues/bugs that really screwed me over...

First, while the UGX Mod Options are a welcome addition, if I decide not to change anything in this menu, I can't get out of the screen unless I alt-tab the game and close it from the desktop, which forces me to restart my PC since steam thinks it's still open and won't start WAW otherwise.
Second, whenever I go down, my grenades bug out and disappear. Both my primary and secondary grenades just vanish, even when I buy more. Not the best thing to happen if you just spent 6000 points on Gersch Devices. This bug seriously lasted for a good 5 rounds before my grenades started working properly again.

If these could be fixed, I'd have literally no complaints about this map.

Also, while not a bug, could you make the turret movable after placing it? I realized too late that I couldn't after putting it in quite a compromising position, unless I missed something. I usually do :P

Great work overall!
2101 days ago


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