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How do i turn the power on? Where is the switch?
The switch is exactly at same place than THE ORIGINAL Nuketown Zombies Map  ;)
903 days ago
Super fun to play in Solo, i hope the next update gets co-op working. A mate of mine and i without fail crash upon using the teleporter  (Both using latest T4M, Map version, And both using the recommended settings listed by OP) But as i say Solo works just fine and is buckets of fun, Cant wait for next update
Thank you man!
A fun map it was the main intention. Map it was tested with 2 players and all features worked 100%, if you have problems try with lower settings.
Waw engine is very limited and unpredictable, t4m is a little miracle that allows to play with the limits of the engine, but engine still remains unpredictable and t4m is not an official tool.
Anyway I am practically away from modding, but I have a new version not finished of the map with some improvements and basically a significant reduction in total weight of the mod, I think that reducing weight in some textures and removing some weapons and some stuff more, maybe the problem would be fixed, but like I said I am not sure that I finish that.
992 days ago
Update 13/02/2017
Version 1.15
-Removed D2P, that caused fatal error with triggers and panzer
-Reduced the prices of practically all debris
-Improved textures of some important elements of the map
-Fixed problems in some pathnodes
-Added new xmodel and anim in second pap of Striker
-Fixed ads up in MSMC and Striker

Added new links.
1279 days ago
Awesome map!

I've been waiting a while for this map to be released. You've put a lot of effort into it, great job.

So while I was playing on your map with a friend, I noticed a few little things that I wasn't sure if it was intended to be so.

1) The price doesn't appear when you try to buy a weapon on the wall. You can buy it just once, and can't buy ammo after you've bought it.

2) The zombies eye FX looked kinda glitchy when I played this map. It was flashing and the FX (the green light) was more in the head of the zombies than in their eyes.

That's just the few little things I wanted to point out.

But in summary, this map is really enjoyable to play on. Keep up the great work!
Thank you man!
Wich weapon cant you buy ammo?
The zombie eye fx is a thing that I modified some times and I wanted to fix but finally I didnt remember to do.
1322 days ago
XM-25, Grim Reaper, Bloodhound upgraded, M1911 upgraded... Are you sure you cant use explosive weapons in gungame?
1377 days ago
I tried to keep clean the post of messages from people that the only thing that shares and will share with the comunity is hate, stupidity, envy, mediocrity and moral poverty.
Maybe my reports to moderators didnt arrive, maybe moderators just ignored my reports.
Anyways, reports didnt arrive or ignore the fact is some people that create accounts for throw bullshit to the map, the only intention is that.
Thanks to moderators for the big work on this topic.
I think if I would use a fake and pretentious tag in the name of the map, maybe I would have a better behavior.
1379 days ago
Map update v1.10:
-added Gun Game Mode, 86 weapons (f3arxReaper666)
-added background sound (BluntStuffy)
-changed round sounds
-reduced almost 40 mb of the total size of the mod
-added some missing textures

1382 days ago

Easter Egg
Unprolific Zombeast

ZS Donkey
1385 days ago
Next update:
-reduced the size of the mod in 25 Mb, I removed some inactive files. Maybe this can fix the problem that some people had with the map.
-added gungame mode, thanks to F3ARxREAPER that did it possible and RelaxingEnd for the great idea

Easter Egg can be completed in Gun Game, but not the endgame.
New version is totally stable in solo, but not tested yet in coop, will be released after test.
1388 days ago
There are two sides, in one there is respect and constructive criticism, then there is the far side.
I know in wich side I am with respect to the community and with respect to this page and their moderators, but no one make a mistake, I know perfectly in wich side are this page and their moderators with respect to me, practically from the start of this project.
Thank you to all people that supported this map and all people that enjoyed the map in the first public version.
This map will be updated but not in this page.
To the moderators: feel free to lock the post, delete it, ban to me or everything at once.
1390 days ago
Dude I have it and I even set the my settings to recomended?
Dynamic foliage OFF
Ocean simulation OFF
Number of corpses SMALL

If with this doesnt work, try SPECULAR OFF too, if works you can try set SPECULAR ON ingame.
1392 days ago
looks like the curse on nuketown remakes is finally lifted. looks sexy as fuck and i'm kinda glad waw is still alive :)

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Tutorials of spec and cosine textures and correct answers in posts  :D
All people that helped to build this map is in credits.
1393 days ago
-T4m required
-Recommended settings:
    -screen resolution 1360x768
    -anti aliasing  OFF
-Textures settings:
       ColorMap High
       NormalMap Normal
       SpecularColorMap Normal
-Number of corpses: Small
-Dynamic foliage: OFF
-Ocean simulation: OFF
If these settings dont work for you, try lower settings.
If with lower settings doesnt work for you, sorry but I dont have answer.

-4 random characters with 4 start pistols random
-No Mans Land is the start and pack a punch area like in Moon map
-Nuketown 2025 map with some new playable areas but always respecting the original map
-BO1 perks + Double Tap 2.0
-Limit of 4 perks
-Easter Egg steps inspired in Nuketown 2025 theme and some BO1 zombie maps (perks reward like Moon map)
-End game available if you complete Easter Egg, end game inspired too in Nuketown 2025 theme with a pinch of MW3
-Original perks arrive style like in Nuketown Zombies
-Lovely bosses zombies
-A mix of the bests weapons of all CoD's (MP and Zombies) you can pap twice some weapons
-Zombie counter visible in one spot of the map
-Air Strike Nuke reward

Weapon List:

colt bo2
five seven silenced
desert eagle

ak74u silenced
msmc silenced
peacekeeper mk2
skorpion evo
ppsh bo3
vector bo2 silenced

remington m870 silenced
spas mw2
striker mw3**

-Assault Rifles:
acr mw3
ak12 ghosts
ak47 bo2 silenced**
commando silenced
fad mw3
galil bo2 silenced
mk14 mw3
type 95 red dot

lsat bo2 silenced

Intervention silenced**

grim reaper

raygun mark2**

**2 Pap

For suppressor haters: there are 91 weapons (counting pap versions), 10 are suppressed, if you didnt realize this map is based in a MP map, suppressor is one the most used attachments in MP maps.

Please before tell a problem, read the recommended settings, if with t4m and recommended settings you cant play, try to low more settings, if you cant play, sorry. I dont have answer for you, for me and for a lot of people map it works.


adam hoggatt (Nuketown map creator)
infinity ward

If I forgot someone, in first place my apologies, send me a PM and I will add you.

Thanks to all people that supported this map.

Update 02/11/2016
 Version 1.10
-added Gun Game Mode, 86 weapons (f3arxReaper666)
-added background sound (BluntStuffy)
-changed round sounds
-reduced almost 40 mb of the total size of the mod
-added some missing textures

Update 13/02/2017
Version 1.15
-Removed D2P, that caused fatal error with triggers and panzer
-Reduced the prices of practically all debris
-Improved textures of some important elements of the map
-Fixed problems in some pathnodes
-Added new xmodel and anim in second pap of Striker
-Fixed ads up in MSMC and Striker

Mega Link

Google Drive Link

1394 days ago
Some details remaining, but basically map is done.
If I have luck fixing the last details, probably very soon the map will be released.
1412 days ago
Maybe this is the last update or maybe not  :D

New weapons added, thanks to Rickos
- ak12
- .44 magnum
- peacekeeper mk2
- rk5
- ppsh bo3

Total remade dragon camo and practically all weapons in upgraded version have red dot or similar.

Added zombie counter in nuketown sign and air strike reward related to collect some specific power up, thanks to Bluntstuffy.

Added ambient sound to No Mans Land, perk limit set to 4 and completing easter egg you receive all perks, thanks to Bluntstuffy.

1459 days ago


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