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Good shit, Whippy.
686 days ago
Anyone know how I can do this?
928 days ago
It's just a death barrier to prevent players getting outside the map, or in unplayable areas.
928 days ago
You can group brushes. Press B to go to the Entity Browser, go to Func and drag "Group" to the 3D window while your brushes are selected. You can select the entire group with Alt SHIFT Left Click. You should right click on Group and favorite it  though so all you have to do is right click on the 3D camera and select "func_group" at the bottom whenever you need it.
929 days ago
Congrats on the release, well done.
964 days ago
Good layout and everything but really buggy.

1046 days ago
Looks good, thanks.
1048 days ago
Thanks, probably going to use this in my map. Cool idea.
1049 days ago
Looks really good.
1050 days ago
1050 days ago
1050 days ago
Haha nice, will be playing this soon.
1050 days ago
Never played CS:GO, so don't know how accurate this is. However, a little more detail around the map wouldn't hurt, still a good job for your first map. Just keep working on this map, instead of starting a new project and i'm sure it can look really good.
1064 days ago
If you need help pm me :). You need to understand why people and mostly youtuber dudes hate playing a map with t4m. No offense mate. Map is good looking. And t4m is cool and all. But it just makes the game looks like shit.. Trust me.

How does it make the game look like shit? I've never had any problems with T4M maps ever. What is the problem here?
1065 days ago
I've only played impossible mode and it is insane, I love it, well done.
1074 days ago


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