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1625 days ago
its not working im trying to play a map and it keeps crashing it
1625 days ago
ok light up statue then shot one light out on cable tower thing what am i supposed to do next if someone beat this please help come here
1732 days ago
map sucks keeps crashing game maybe fix it more
1745 days ago
hello all my name is chasenichpor but everyone calls me red or army. im a streamer,youtube and love zombies and a challenge :D! so if you have any maps that you want me to tackle well you good sir/madam challenge accepted  :accepted:!

come watch if you all like here:



thanks all i hope to see you all there  :P
1768 days ago
hello i followed the instructions and i did put the .dll file into my root folder and it keeps crashing please help asap
1824 days ago
I don't know about this bug, or how to fix it... sorry
I don't think that is something to do with my map.... Cause no one else has had this problem

we will see because i deleted it and reinstalled it again, testing it and still it hasnt work so it is your map just saying
1924 days ago
ever sence v2.0 its not working when it hits dog round it bug out and theres no dogs nor zombies, reinstalled it, still did it, deleted it from my folder and i reinstalled it, still no zombies nor dogs on dog round. comment under my comments if you are all having the same problem im having during the dog rounds and if the creator deletes this comment then im gonna repost it cause he wont listen to what we have to say
1924 days ago
played it, streamed it, people love it i live it 10/10 ign
1925 days ago
1926 days ago
people on my stream and youtube ask me are you playing bo2 and i say no its cod waw thats how good this map is
1927 days ago
coop is bugged only makes me spectate fix it i only give it 2 stars until the coop is fixed
1929 days ago
1) Are you using the UGX Mod? (If so then you didn't override the fonts as you can see from the picture.)
2a) If you're not using the UGX mod then your localized_LANGUAGE_iw00.iwd is broken/tampered with.
2b) If you're not using the UGX mod then your mod is loading a gamefonts_pc.iwi image that doesn't have the proper fonts installed (note #1).

ok i redownloaded it and re put the items in and it still has alien text
2050 days ago
raw/english/fonts dude.

i just showed the raw/english/fonts
2050 days ago


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