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A pretty good map. Not too easy. Not too difficult. Got the 40,000 point ending first try but I'm also (trying to say this in a non boasting way) experienced?
1378 days ago
I have the d3d9.dll in my root folder for WaW (I've done this before on another computer so I know I did this right) and I went and changed the weapon sway. When I play the map though, all the textures are all messed up and stretching everywhere. I bought the FAL and all I was holding was the clip and a piece was floating to the left of my head and depending on which direction I looked, the piece would clip into my head obstructing my view. WTF.
1636 days ago
My  favorite zombies map is Purple Dimension.;sa=view;down=1771

This map is probably one of the most detailed of all time. The sky is purple flying and trippy. The only gun from WaW is the ray gun and the rest are from other games. There is even a gun or two from Titanfall (I know bad but gun's good). The halo AR is in it. It's big but not too big. There's a buildable, a quest, 85K ending and even a maze so trippy there are epilepsy warnings all around it....I almost died.
1934 days ago


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