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Hey man my games keeps crashing when I launch call of the dead. Could you help please?  :nyan:

Isn't it because you have already another mod that is installed? If so, try to remove it first, then reinstall the new mod that you want to play.
1736 days ago
Is this the actual akimbo? Will we be able to shoot both guns independently?
1778 days ago
when i started moon that loading screen froze later after ctrl alt tabing out of the game it said "weapon exceeded 188" or somthing like that. Any ways can someone help i wanna play this map but the only thing stoping me is that error

Do you have installed other mods? Because if so, certain mods already contains new weapons, and as a result the weapon limit is already reached. If you have actually other mods that are installed, just remove these ones, and reinstall the mod that you want to play.
1783 days ago
Great! Now it works! Thank you! Although there are no new weapons in th new mod for me, except starting pistol.

No problem! Concerning weapons, there are only a few new gun in the mod, by the way, these weapons are in the box only, wall weapons remain the same.
1787 days ago
Hello! I have a problem. My game crashes at the loading screen for the moon with error: Couldn't (wavy ine)(wavy line)-g__-gtml_t6_wpn_smg_peacek(wavy Line)00089493

Is it because I got russian language? Or are there other problems? Please, respond.

I don't think the problem comes from the language of the game, because I have a french version of the game, and it works. Perhaps you haven't installed properly the mod. Try to resinstall it.
1787 days ago
I Found it, its on the floor, in the center of the first room

Is there a hintstring that indicates the door?
1790 days ago
I think im dumb but, ┬┐where are the doors ? i cant find it :C

You are not the only one, I can't find doors either.
1790 days ago
I has always been able to spawn in multiple places, but they are all in a pretty limited area so search around the front yard, house & backyard area.

Front yard is the place with double tap and back yard is where jugg is?
1796 days ago
Where is the handle of the power? Since the v.1.1 update, I can't find it anymore, on the v.1.0, it was on the table.
1796 days ago
This map reminds me Call of Duty 2. Looks decent so far.
1808 days ago
* cough * UGX * cough *

Yeah, my bad, I didn't mean, but in the field of zombie modding.
1827 days ago
Oh, I can't believe you are back! Originally, you were on TMG website, but apparently, it has shut down.
Either way, I'm really happy that you come back on zombie modding!
1827 days ago
that sounds like your antivirus has "disabled" it to me

Preventing it from running as an application

if the extension is exe - its not a text file - and that is "why" opening it as such, gives you garbled text

Ive checked it twice, download is fine. But i had to allow it to download by stopping chrome blocking it, then agree to bypass windows smart whatchamacallit before it would run. Even then it got removed  by windows defender, i just had to recover it

* edit, ahh just saw you sorted it now. Awesome ;)

Yeah, apparently, it was blocked by the antivirus, but with Chrome, once download is finished, it prevents you that is not a frequent file, and ask you whether you want to keep the file or not. This wasn't suggested with Firefox. But thanks for you help anyway.
1831 days ago

Ok, try to find a way to rename the file from .exe.txt to .exe and it should work because the begin "MZ" is the PE signature header for an executable.

Just try and let me know i will check on firefox if there are an issue.

As a matter of fact, it's already named ".exe", it's actually the type of the file which is ".txt", as a result, I don't think I can do something to change the nature of the file.

EDIT: I re-download the file with Google Chrome, and it worked. I do not know what was the problem with Firefox, but either way, thanks for your help.
1831 days ago
That's strange, on my website if your download is a notepad file it's because the download link is broken... and he's fine there.
Can you try again please? What's contains into the notepad file?

Are you sure nothing block the download on your computer/web browser?

Which browser are you using?

Also, if someone got the same problem just tell me, i'll fix that soon (even if i don't understand why that happen).

I still have the same issue, I downloaded it three times, and each time, it's a notepad file, with unreadable letters.
By the way, I use Firefox, and I have nothing that could block the download.

Here is what I get when I open the file:
1831 days ago


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