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I've always wanted to play a maze map....something about haveing no effing idea where you are and killing zombies is so much fun.
Great map and concept :)
1595 days ago
This is an awesome idea! Will you be making more maps like this?
1600 days ago
I absolutely love d this map :D Great job!!
1607 days ago
Hi, my  name is Wolf! Me and my friend stream custom zombies every night. We decided to spice up up the game play be speed  running the maps. What we mean by this is that we would get the buyable ending before round 20. So far there have only been a few maps that have given us a challenge, usually because the map crashes all the time *cough cough* snowglobe *cough* cough*. So, we decided that we would want to host a competition and see what maps people could come up with that would challenge us.
So, the rules would basically be:
1: Has to be able to be beaten by round 19
2: Easter eggs are welcome, but nothing insane. For example, The Christmas warehouse easter egg was fun.
3: We aren't looking for a ascetically pleasing map. We want a map that isn't full of glitches and is challenging.

Now, we also want suggetions from you guys!
How long should we give the contestants?
Any other rules we should add?

First Prize is an  pair of Astro a40's 2nd Gen (grey and orange)
We might include other prizes, but so far, we just bought the astros.

If you are interested in seeing us in action you can watch out steams on

1644 days ago
So first, I love the map. So much so im super excited to make a play through of it. I've played it on my stream many time and my viewers love it.
I do have a couple questions...
1) Are the witches supposed to take over small areas of the map? Like where they will continue to spawn in the foggy ares and never drop a perk bottle? I find this mechanic to be a fun and challenging aspect of the map.
2) Where the fudge nuggets to i go to put the tapes? XD
Anyways, Great Map!

Double Post Merge: March 03, 2015, 10:06:04 pm
I'm new to custom zombies and don't know what its means when it says "exceeds limit of 400 fx assets" i really want to play this map because it looks and sounds awesome does anyone have any fixes?
I've had the same problems when I launch a mod and accidentally play the campaign mission. My COD will crash and and say 400fx error
1746 days ago


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