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I don't believe you can unless you port the dw versions into the game. I don't think they have the base dw stats for the pistols in zombies but I could be wrong
822 days ago
You can set the upgrade limit to 1 I believe
835 days ago
For BO3 all mods are on the Steam Workshop
953 days ago
Is the Xmodel set up properly in the weapon file?
953 days ago
It's nothing to do with coding. What's happening is the game is seeing 2 identical assets in APE, so what you should do is go into APE and find that material, and delete one of the 2.
953 days ago
ww as in Cod WW2 or WaW, yes
953 days ago
BO3 Doesn't support Empty Slide animations as far as I know
953 days ago
Exacly what I'm gonna do! I just did that in order to tell if my computer could run it. Now that I know it can, I'm glad I can buy it. Can't wait for the zombie chronicles to be release on pc.
Or you can look at the minimum system requirements on steam
1218 days ago
Press F9 to see the in game view
1218 days ago
I dont know much about WaW porting (i do it for bo3) but i'd assume it's something to do with the anim model maybe? (if waw even had those)
1223 days ago
Idk exactly why youre posting it here but i'd assume you could...
1223 days ago
is it possible to solve the problem somehow?
Well do the anims look fine in maya? or did you download the gun from somewhere
1224 days ago
Somebody is working on a MOTD remaster? I mean, I don't get why that isn't remastered by Treyarch, it was one of the best maps ever!
Jason Blundell said that 1) he didn't think it fit the theme... and 2) MOTD has another purpose down the line
1224 days ago
the joints must have been bound/set up/exported incorrectly
1225 days ago
Mods kinda have to go through workshop for bo3 though i think
1225 days ago


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