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So I am trying to use Black Ops 1 foliage for my map, but once converting I open it in asset viewer it looks like this

I went in-game to see if it was different but wasn't, anyone know how to fix this? Do I need specific settings?
Also, from different angles, part of the foliage disappears, for e.g.

As usual, all help is appreciated :)
1728 days ago
So my vision file isn't work sorta... I open up my map and the vision isn't on, when I pause and select restart level and restart it the vision file begins to work. I have everything in the right place (at least I think so), and also got rid of the -
level thread maps\_utility::set_all_players_visionset( "zombie_factory", 0.1 );
from my root/raw/maps/createart/mapname_art.gsc.

All help is appreciated :)
1729 days ago
Basically, I was just adding Harry Bo21s perks, got a 400 fx error, tried fixing, got a memory limit error, fixed it but got stuck with the 400fx error again. Tried using Makecents 400fx fix, then got this error
All help is appreciated.

(The blocked out red bits in the image are just the nazi_zombie_mapname, I have it blocked because it is a project I'm working on privately with someone)

1748 days ago

Whenever I try to convert a MW2 model it doesn't work, and shows that error. The files are where they should be, everything is perfect (at least I think). I was able to convert 20 models then this error appeared, and it appears on every model (except the one I have already converted).
All help is appreciated :)
1754 days ago
Just notifying everyone that apparently if you have Black Ops 2, Ghosts, OR Advanced Warfare on Steam you get the BO3 beta for FREE.
1811 days ago

Are there specific settings required? In asset manager the model, It looks weird in asset manager

1828 days ago

Basically the cargo containers shouldn't be so dark (The container is made from brushes BTW since MW2 didn't make them models)
I have
- Caulk Box
- Light Grid
- Proper Worldspawn settings
- Lights (as seen in the radiant picture below)
- Custom vision file

Radiant Image -

All help is appreciated

Figured out it was the nmls on the textures, anyone got any idea why? PS I originally had to use a nml converter because the textures had dots/ random dark spots all over them
1828 days ago
Firstly: I want to get noclip for NON-CHEATING purposes.
Second: Please don't take this off topic.
So I am doing some stuff in Photoshop and wanted to get some of my own cinematic images of Mod of the Dead, the ones I have found aren't exactly what I am looking. I need to get noclip for the images but can't find how to add it, if anyone can help please do.
1835 days ago
G'day all,
I would like to request 2 things of the scripting side of stuff for my map. I know near to nothing about scripts, I can only add the scripts to my map and that is about it.
Anyway, the first thing I want to request is someone to help me with a menu file thing for my hud. TheScotchGuy kindly devoted time to making me a design for the dpad and gun info stuff but neither of us could make it happen, here is a image of it - Reply if you can help and I will send the actual image to you
The second thing I want to request is a reading script. Where the play goes up to a book/ note and holds 'E' or 'F' (Whatever the player uses for USE/Interact) and a image with text on it pops up (here is an example I made in Photoshop so you can get a better understanding - If anyone can make this one I would like them to either PM me or message me on Skype, my Skype name is andywhelan3. The reason for this is I want it to be exclusive to my map until I release it, when I finally release the map then the script can be made public.

Andy Whelan
1851 days ago
This is a simple script that allows you to have text pop up in the top left hand corner, nothing to fancy. Just basic since this is my first script I have written :)) I wanted to start with something easy. Please leave constructive criticism if it is required.

How to add -
1. Locate the 'YourMapName.gsc' in your map folder (CoDWaWRoot/mods/MapFolder/maps) and open it.
2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the script and copy and paste the following code
//Easy Text Intro - By Andy Whelan
trig = getent ( "text_intro", "targetname");
trig waittill ("trigger");
wait (10); //How long it takes to appear on the players screen, change if you want.
iPrintLn ("Office Survival"); //Change the text inside of the "" to whatever you want to appear.
wait (5);
iPrintLn ("Map by Andy Whelan"); //Again change the text inside of the "" to whatever you want to appear as the 2nd line.
wait (5);
iPrintLn ("Don't look down");
If you want more text then copy and paste the following
wait (5);
iPrintLn ("");
and put it under the previous text line ( iPrintLn ("Don't look down"); )
3. Find maps\_zombiemode::main(); in the same file and place this code underneath it.
thread text_intro();
So it should look like
thread text_intro();
4. Now the scripting is done, save and close the file.
5. Open up your map in Radiant and in the 2D view right click and select trigger then select the trigger radius.
6. Press 'N' and give it the following KVP   targetname     text_intro
7. Move the trigger to where the players spawn and now save and close radiant.
8. Compile you map and build the mod and then you are done  :)

Give feedback if you want, if you are having trouble just ask.
Give credit when needed please.
1865 days ago

The map will be based in Chernobyl, Prypiat. Gonna have many many inspired areas from COD4 and MW2.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

- Guns from MW2, MW3 and more
- Harry Bo21's Perks
- Claymores
- Zombie Shield
- Easter Eggs
- Intel/ Notes
- And hopefully more to come

Credits So Far -
- HarryBo21, FOR Zombie Shield, Perks, and more
- DuaLVII FOR scripting stuff
- HitmanVere and bmhbob , FOR model texture help
- RadimaX, FOR Photoshop tips/ ideas, textures, general help, and more
- TheScotchGuy, FOR D-Pad and Bar Design, general help and more
- CHN FOR his nmls converter and lens flares
- GrantDaddy007, FOR Permission to use his FunFact script he used in The Bedroom
- UGX Team for the tools
- UGX MODS and ZOMMODS for the contest
- tombmx for his tools
- Treyarch, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer FOR inspiration, tools, and there games
- PM me if you aren't there and are supposed to be
1867 days ago
So I haven't been able to run CoD WaW through Launcher but never thought anything of it since I could just open it through steam. But know I would like it fixed so I can open my map quicker so if someone knows how to fix please do tell.
Here is a picture of it -

1875 days ago
So I am in need of a script for buying ammo, no not a max ammo. One where there are triggers all over the map and each can only be bought once, like the ones in Zombie Seelow and I think TMG Castle.

With Kind Regards,
Andy Whelan
1888 days ago
[31/40]Black Ops 2 Town (Remake) – Memories Come Flooding
Mapper: IZaRTaX
Synopsis/ Introduction: Before I joined the UGX MODS site and before I had World at War I played Black Ops 2 for countless hours. There were three maps I always played out of the 12 that there were. These maps were Origins, Mob of the Dead and the infamous Town. When I joined UGX and saw that someone (MZslayer11) was remaking WaW I was immediately hooked on the map excited for the updates when they came out. So when I found that another person released a Town remake I downloaded it quickly. When I first launched it my WaW continually crashed so I couldn’t play till a few hours ago. As soon as I was in-game I was astonished by how exact it was to the original. All the memories came flooding back to me, it was nostalgia.
Pros: The map is almost to the bone exact, it was crazy. Especially coming from someone who I have never noticed there work, mainly because I don’t have CoD4 on computer. The lava was BO2 style, and little bits of detail that was in the BO2 version were no doubt also found in this version, even the intro was the same. The ambient music is pretty cool and different. And finally, the best part of the map, The Mob of the Dead Easter Egg. It was round 15 and I was stuck with shit weapons, I had just heard a weird MotD sound which was weird, I slacked it off as a little mistake in the scripts but then I went in the bank. I found a trigger and activated it, the MotD shower sounds and effect rolled in then text appeared on the screen talking about a plane. I ran around and found it, the MotD Plane. I boarded it straight away and was taken on a trip to the Cafeteria! I was so excited at this point, two of my favourites map in the one.
Cons: There isn’t much to go against in this map, some minor errors include having the character model of Misty but voiced by Dempsey, don’t get points knifing burning zombies, barely any power ups were dropping, the MP5 wallbuy says it costs 500 but really costs 1000. Beginning with 0 points was annoying but not too bad. Some game modes like Chao Mode would be cool, and the power ups and original perks weren’t BO2 shaders though Stamin-Up and Electric Cherry had them.

Reflection:  It is amazing how people are bringing things from newer CoD’s and even other games to a 7 year old CoD. I was glad to see and play this, the BO2 elements were very cool

Level of Detail: 10/10: The  minor bits of detail are near exact to the BO2 version
Custom Content: 6/10: Not to much Custom other than weapons and MotD references
Fun Scale: 8/10: Great fun with mates, would be better with some game modes though
Replayability: 7/10: Can play again and again.

Overall Score:  31/40

1892 days ago

Mapper: - ibounce
Synopsis/ Introduction: Do you regularly get high? Do you love fluorescent colours? Do you love trippy as f*** things? If you said yes to any of these then this map is for you. As soon as you open the mod you are delighted by the loadscreen of the popular cosplayer, Jessica Nigiri. This mod starts you off in a dark room with three wall barriers, you could tell that things were about to get hectic. The buyable door then takes you in to a fluorescent textured room with a GIANT CROW because why the f*** not? The room has multiple mini easter eggs that involve many famous stupid videos. The next lot of rooms were basically the same with different textures. There was a MPL in one of the rooms, the mapper had named it the Point Whore. And for a good reason, the gun did one damage per shot! In the same room there was a troll door for 10,000 and the buyable ending for 40,000. All up the map is pretty fun for a first map with limited guns and space. This did remind me of Purple Dimension in the way it was really weird and trippy but it was very different.Oh yeah, did I mention this map is trippy as F***?

Pros: Customised Content – The content in this was hilarious, each power-up had a custom sound when picked up. For example, the nuke was the recent trend “Alaqma”, the carpenter was the childhood classic theme song, Bob the Builder, max ammo was another recent trend, “Deez Nuts”, double points was a guy saying “I need MONEY” and finally intsakill was the infamous, BOOM HEADSHOT! There were also mini easter eggs. One of which was a YouTube classic, Sittin’ On the Toilet. There was also two soldiers having fun on a bed!  There was a custom FX and SFX for the starting pistol. A zombie counter, custom hud and a custom crosshair.
Other – The 10,000 door troll was annoying but at the same time funny due to the meme that was placed in there as well as the custom china lake.

Cons: Lack Of Basics – The map did not feature some basic things like Double Tap, or Pack-A-Punch, or even the mysterybox. I was also amazed by the lack of weapons, the map only had twelve weapons. When looking through the mod IWD file I found Bams Black Ops Perks files but they still weren’t featured but this wasn’t a major problem because the map is rather small and has little use for the perks.
Other – The zombies lost their goal after a while and some got stuck in corners for some reason. The lack of space made the map very difficult to play co-op.

Reflection: Great Custom Content with little easter eggs, FX’s, SFX’s, custom hud, zombie counter and custom crosshair. The lack of basic things like mysterybox, Pack-A-Punch and Double Tap. Also the lack of weapons. Fun but not very replayable.

Level of Detail: 3/10: There was very little detail making it very plain.
Custom Content: 6/10: The were lots of funny mini easter eggs but very little weapons.
Fun Scale: 5/10: The map was funny and good but it wasn't one that was jaw dropping.
Replayability: 4/10: Like the Fun Scale, the map was one that I would play a few times then leave it.

Overall Score: 18/40

Download link:

1907 days ago


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