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Topics - Flunksprite

im posting here because ive gone through everything i have thought of,
so i tried launching up Radiant Black but it wouldnt launch, eventually while diagnosing this i noticed that radiant would hang on "initializing graphics" pop up 2 cmd windows and just stop, even after giving it some time nothing happens. so since i thought it had to do with graphics i uninstalled and rolled back the drivers and nothing changed, i tried that changing "," to ".", that did nothing as well. i also tried messing around with GDTDB as it popped up while i was searching around and that didnt work either. so none of the methods that pop up work. the closest ive gotten is every now and then when trying to launch radiant by itself (sometimes w/admin but it doesnt always work.) itll open up but only once and any time after that it wont run again, one time i got it to run so i decided to nuke the registry and that didnt change anything. during this process both the mod launcher (and radiant whenever it wanted to launch) turned white and rounded (whenever i use the treyarch theme). and i dont know if this next one is tied to this as well but the asset editor will crash whenever trying to load a material, model, or anything that would appear in the display window. i have also verified the files on both the modtools and the game and whenever i verify the modtools it always ends up with around 200 files failing to validate (i have also uninstalled the game and modtools and installed them on a new drive and that hasnt changed anything either).
im not sure if anybody knows anything about this as i cant really find anything on it in the first place but i thought i might as well ask here as a last resort.
8 months ago
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