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So I cannot seem to get my custom models that I create in Maya to work in the APE. Now I have been successful getting models out of maya and into APE but they are not the detailed custom models I create. They are simple things such as primitive cylinders and boxes and such. This leads me to believe that my models are too complex to import (unlikely) or that my modeling technique is not good. I make all my models out of one primitive meaning I extrude them many, many times to get the desired shapes I want.

Here is a video of what happens. I am baffled and this is important as this is for a 3D modeling and animation class project. any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.

here are some of my models.

1486 days ago
Is it just me or are patches in 2D hard as hell to move in BO3 radiant?

I know there is a patch thicken option in preferences but it still doesn't do much. Is there a way to get the manipulator handle in 2D view?


Is there any way to increase selection sensitivity? or something/anything. its very frustrating
1508 days ago

This can be used to assist any mappers new to radiant or used for someone to build a full map out of if they want. This is not mapped 100% cleanly as it was a final project for a design class and it was put together in less than 3 days. This can simply be used as a guide or as a template if someone wants to expand on the idea. I wanted to give something back to the community so I hope someone can find use of this!  :D

-This may not be thrown together and re-released with minimal/no changes. There must be a genuine effort to change the map and make it your own.
-If you want to use this in your existing map (such as a PaP area or whatever) you must contact me first for approval.


1597 days ago
So I have avoided this error a few times now but it appears I finally have to get some help about it. Recently I implemented my Easter egg in Contrivance but now I get a crash at launch due to an Unhandled exception being caught. Now I have received this error before actually fairly recently when I tried to add the clutter_lilypad xmodel into my map... Deleting the lilypads solved the issue but this was an odd thing to cause the error in my opinion. I thought it was the model limit or possibly the memory limit but it is definitely neither so now I am kind of stuck as I need to add new models into my map for the Easter egg. Anyone ever experience this? Have seen a few posts with no solutions and barely any replies so I am hoping this is the one to resolve it.

Just a note developer 1 and such returns errors that do not make sense they are unrelated and do not help at all.

1666 days ago
So I am scripting Easter eggs right now and I was going to make use of a translator style device but I have come to find (not a surprise because it would not make sense to already be included) that I cannot put Japanese characters in hint-strings it just returns a "." in game. I have thought about it and I am not sure how this would work. I do not know a lot about fonts so if anyone has any wild ideas I am down to try and make a tutorial on it afterwards. Thanks a head of time!  :D

characters example: 晴耕雨読
1671 days ago
While trying to add the bo2 guns to my contrivance mod I have encountered an interesting issue I cannot find much information on. After the complete install of the custom weapons from Nate, the guns;

-Show up in game but only if a wall buy is available. This means they are not included in the box and give all only gives you wall buy weapons

-PaP guns are not included in game as well. when PaP is used it returns no gun

-No hint strings appear in game on the custom wall buys

-The guns when purchased costs "0" points

Now This would obviously appear to be a an error in script in dlc3_code.gsc and in _zombiemode_weapons.gsc but everything is correct as I have installed these guns the exact same way 2 other times on test maps with perfect success.

Now I have heard the hint_string limit can cause issues but I do not understand how that could effect the guns not being included in the box or the PaP variants being included. Would a memory limit cause this issue even if the map runs fine with t4M installed? I am just baffled as there is not much to the installation and things are pretty simple so I do not know what the problem could be. Here are screenshots as proof the scripts are in order. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated because I am stumped.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1692 days ago



Bouncing Betty's break the game on some occasions so do not buy until they are fixed!

A massive thanks to gamer9294 and natesmithzombies! 

Today I am re-releasing Contrivance in its final form for now and I hope everyone enjoys the changes as much as I do. I believe I made the map significantly better than the original release and I hope everyone enjoys it! Leave posts for any glitches or bugs and happy zombie slaying!! (See everyone in Black Ops 3   ;) )

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Download size is much larger but a lot was added.
Easter egg is not easy but it is also not tedious. If you know how to do it once it should be easy from every other time.


(due to popular demand) BO2 Weapons courtesy of natesmithzombies!


About the map:

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.


-WaW Guns
-HarryBO1 Perks System
-Fast barrier buys because the slow animated ones annoy me
-Large Size (Lane Style)
-FOV Slider
-Disabled Cheats (JK not anymore I guess)
-Highly Detailed
-Customized FX
-Ambient Sounds
-Classic Zombies feel
-Zombie Counter
-No barricades
-BO1 and Cod4 Models and Textures
-Always on teleporters


Easter eggs (quest and small).
Bo2 weapons
buyable perk slots
buyable ending
New sounds and fx
3rd teleporter
fixed zipline
fixed bugs
earlier runners (to speed up play)
double point nukes
auto reload on max ammo
Black ops knifing
No zombie grab


Credits! Without these UGX mods members this map would not be where it is today. I am very grateful for your contributions and assistance. (If I am missing you PM me!)



Harry Bo21   - Awesome BO Content! - Weather lightning help - Countless other help,7656.0.html

DidUknowiPwn -T4M!

InFInIX - Launch Button - ANTI CHEAT,2768.0.html
Scobalula - Fov Slider,6870.0.html

MakeCents - Zombie Counter + Loadscreen,8295.0.html,4777.0.html

mrpeanut188 - Water Riser fix

jei9363 - Run and Go Zipline!

TomBMX - All his helpful tools

steviewonder87 - Footstep sound fix

codmoddd1234 - Help

RDV - Help

fanmagic - Zombie Speed   
buttkicker845 - Zombie Speed

End Game teleport - alzan12

combination lock script - gamer9294

jump/scares - TheZombieProjectCOD





THIS MAP WILL BE CONTINUALLY SUPPORTED! If you find a game breaking bug or error please report it and the download link will be updated with the newer versions. Thank you!


Hintstrings not updating after translator/decoder are picked up. Obviously this is the hintrings limit but it seems to only happen sometimes. Because of this the easter egg hints are included in the topic.



Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

1696 days ago
So I have had this odd line in my swamp water for a while now and I cant see to get rid of it. At first I thought it was something to do with lighting but there is not anything in the swamp that would cause the sun to be blocked at that angle. I also have tried changing the water texture. If anyone could offer any suggestions it would be appreciated!

1722 days ago
When I go to manage the beta access for my map in order to accept or decline people who have signed up I get the error

"Session verification failed. Please try logging out and back in again, and then try again."

Not sure if this is an issue for everyone or just me but I wanted to make it known if that is the case.
1764 days ago
I am making a small island map as a project for college and I applied wind settings through my mapname.gsc and everything blows in the wind except for the palm tree in the map. This includes grass and other foliage. I have placed every single palm tree available in WAW but none work. (Just a note throughout the campaign palm trees flow in the wind like all other foliage so I know this effect is possible.) Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

1777 days ago
I have no Idea what happened. I opened radiant to check my map for a zombie spawn location then I prefabed and deleted a BO1 Crane model. I got this when I tried to compile and when I tried to re-open radiant...this is very bad for my map progress if I cannot get this solved. I will have lost a lot of progress...

I went to the lines specified in the error but everything seemed normal.

I also check for this error and they both came back with nothing.

here is where the errors are supposedly at...

1787 days ago
This is a tutorial on how to get risers to work with both the script_noteworthy values

[find_flesh] and [in_water]

at the same time in order for zombies to rise out of the water and attack the player without first having to go through a barricade. (like in Shi No Numa)

All credit for this tutorial goes to mrpeanut188;u=20725

Hit him with a +1 if this was helpful!


Go into your root folder and copy your _zombiemode_spawner.gsc file and place it into your mod/maps folder if it is NOT in there already.

Next find the following line (line 359 for unchanged file)
( IsDefined(rise_struct_string) && rise_struct_string == "find_flesh") )
and replace it with this line of text:
( IsDefined(rise_struct_string) && (rise_struct_string == "find_flesh" || rise_struct_string == "find_flesh_water")) )
Next locate this line (line 3498 for unchanged file):
if(IsDefined(self.script_noteworthy) && self.script_noteworthy == "in_water")
and replace it with this line:

if(IsDefined(self.script_noteworthy) && (self.script_noteworthy == "in_water") || self.script_noteworthy == "find_flesh_water")

save and close your file.

Load into radiant and select your riser script struct and press N. Delete the script_noteworthy
find_flesh or in_water

and change the KEY/VALUE pair to

Like this:

Save and compile to save the radiant changes and it should work!
any questions leave them on this thread and I'll respond ASAP

Link to original topic:
1790 days ago
In my map I need risers to spawn out of the water using the KVP's

[find_flesh] and [in_water]

at the same time so zombies can rise out of the water and chase the player without a barricade like in shi no numa. Any tutorials on this (as I couldn't find any) or any help anyone can offer? The two script_noteworthys do not work together at the same time. Thanks!

I will make a tutorial after it is solved because there does not seem to be one yet
1790 days ago
My textures in my texture select view in radiant are missing quite a few default textures that come in the mod tools including some very important ones. I have no skybox textures besides 3, no portal textures, and only 4 water textures (+ more that I may not even know are gone). When I check for them in my directory they are all there but none show up in radiant even when directly searching for them. Any ideas? Im stumped  :(
1797 days ago
So I decided to create a school project using radiant for my digital imaging class for college. The idea behind this project is that it will be an illusion staircase (like seen with MC Escher) map that doubles as an art gallery for everyone's artwork made throughout the class. I don't know if what I am asking about is even possible given the game engine's restrictions, but would I be able to unbind the look axis' in game so i could turn the camera off the X axis? I need to do this in order to seamlessly follow the staircases that branch off in different directions and angles. If this sounds confusing here is some pictures of the map which may help someone understand what I am saying a little better;

Thanks ahead of time and sorry if I sound like a mad man  ;)
1829 days ago


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