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Hey guys! Is there a line of code that makes it so the script waits until the next round starts before it runs the rest of the script?
40 days ago
Hey guys! So, I tried looking on this link for a built-in function but I could not find anything (link: What line of code would I write to have it so the player has to hold F for 5 seconds before it allows th rest of the script to run? I know how to do it for pressing F once, but I do not know how to write it so that you have to hold F for 5 seconds. Any help with this would be much appreciated!

On a second note, how do I go about making it so that while the player is holding F , a "progress bar" appears that fills up to show you how much longer you have to hold F for?

49 days ago
Hello! I was windering how do I go about playing a sound in my level so that way it plays lovally on an object. Example: as I walk up to a generator I can hear that the generator is running.
145 days ago
Hello all!

I was wondering how would i go about coding an object so that it can not be seen in level initially but spawn in later after an easter egg step. My main question is how do I make an object spawn in the level through code at an origon of my choice or at the location of a script struct.
160 days ago
Question for you all, how would I go about scripting something so that I can make it move from one script_struct to the next? I know there moveTo functions and such and I tried making them work using a script struct, but I could not get it to work. Anyone that can help me with this?
167 days ago
Hey guys! I'm sure this is a simple thing to script, but I am lost as how to do it. How would one script it so that when I press "F" on a trigger, it will temporarily be unavailable to use until the script for that trigger has run? Example:

I press "F" on a trigger and it turns on a trap. While the trap is running I want the trigger to be unavailable and to have it give no indications of being able to press "F" (it will no longer say press F for blah blah, instead it will saying nothing) until the trap has finished running. Once the trap has finished running I then want the trigger to be able to be used again and to say "Press F to use".

I know how to change the hint icon for the trigger, but what I am mostly wondering is how to make the trigger temporarily unavailable. Any help would be much appreciated!
188 days ago
Hey guys! I'm sure this is something simple, but how would I go about writing in my script so that step two of the EE cannot be accessed until step one is completed?
224 days ago
Hey guys!

Question is as the title says it. I was wondering how to write a line of script that makes it so you have to use only the bowie knife in order to enable a trigger damage? I am wanting the player to have to cut a chord in the map, but I want it so that only the bowie knife can cut the chord. Any help would be much appreciated!
236 days ago
Hey guys! So I wrote  a script where you can destroy a wall by hitting a trigger_damage with an explosive that will then allow zombies to walk through it. The problem I am having is the zone that I want players to be able to access after being destroyed needs to be "turned on" somehow. Typically with a zombie_door you would use a script_flag kvp. I tried putting that KVP on my trigger_damage but it didn't work. Is there someway to "turn on" the zone through scripting that way once the wall is destroyed the script will then follow it up with turning on the next zone? Any help will be much appreciated!
398 days ago
Hey guys! Just as the title says, I am wondering how to make it so that something in my script does not happen until a certain round has been passed. I am sure it is something simple, but I am newer to scripting so I am unsure how to do this. Any help is much appreaciated!
411 days ago
Hey guys! I was just wondering how I would go about setting up a hintstring for some custom script I wrote. I wrote a simple script that makes a wall blow up that will allow zombies to walk through after if is destroyed. I want there to be some sort of hint on the wall so when the player looks at it or walks up to it, it will say "This wall looks weak..." that way the player has some sort of indicator that it can be broken. How would I go about doing this? Do I use the "sethintstring" function? "setcursorhint" function? Also do I need to use a specific type of trigger for this to work? Any help would be much appreciated! I'm sure it is simple to do but for whatever reason I am struggling to figgure it out.
412 days ago
Hey guys! So I am having this issue and I can not get it solved for the life of me. Basically I have my fx rendering so it should be showing up in radiant when in the light preview mode, but it isn't. When I open up one of my other maps the fx lights appear just fine but for whatever reason they are not showing up for this one map that I am working on. They also are not appearing in game either. When I click the lightning bolt to build my lighting the glow from the fx lights appear for a second and then go back to not showing. I thought compiling the level would fix it and it would show up in game but they also are not showing up in game. Any help would be much appreciated as this is very frustrating! Thank you in advance!

So I managed to figure out what my issue was. I had my sun volume's skybox/sun set to "default_day". I realized that since it was a daytime sunlight the fx's fire omni lights were not bright enough to appear. I fixed this issue by switching my sun volume from "default_day" to "zm_factory". This basically made it so it was moonlight in my map instead of sunlight. Since the sun's light was darker the fire omni fx lights appeared once again. Hopefully this helps someone!
413 days ago
FIRST OFF, Please note that this is not an issue of turning on enabling fx rendering. I have fx rendering turned on and all other fx's are appearing just fine.

Okay, so when I open my map in the black ops 3 mod tools, any fx that I place in my map out of the "light" category in the fx browser do not appear as they normally would. They are extremely faint and barely even appear on the floor directly beneath its placement. I tried editing the fx and when I increase the intensity they appear perfectly fine. I placed the exact same fx in another map I am working on and they appear in the game view perfectly fine. Does anyone know why they aren't appearing as the should in one map when they appear perfectly fine in another map? (Again, they are strictly not appearing in the bo3 mod tools (F8 or F9 view).  If this doesn't make sense I can try to explain it a bit better. Hopefully this is enough for you guys do go off of. Thank you in advance!

423 days ago
Hey so I am currently adding the UGX mod to my zombie map (thanks a lot for making that!) and when I go into asset manager to do whatever it does i get an error saying:
Run External Command Error
and when I go to codwaw/texture_assets/ugx_mod_user_assets.gdt
it says: 
WARNING       File name must be in the subdirectory of 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Activition/Call of Duty - World at War/bin'
So I put it in the bin and then the two materials showed up in assset manager but when I hit 'F10' I get that first error I posted.  Could anyone tell me what I did wrong or how I am suppost to fix it?
2535 days ago


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