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Topics - death_reaper0

This is a system ive made that adds challenges to your map, the challenges are designed to work like the bo4 map "Ancient Evil"

how they work:
any player can purchase a challenge from buyable points (price increases slightly after some rounds)
all players have 2 minutes to do as the challenge says, doing so earns "challenge points"
when player has enough of these they can be redeemed for randomised rewards depending on the ammount the player has
reward can include points, guns or powerups (can be customised as you want)

script files:!OBpxSCwK!nKlEJ7DySAvbXftdyW0JCj3yEosuw2cFL1YUd9234rUinstructions to install are in the zip file within a text file

in your map make a "script_stuct" and give it the targetname "podium_challenge"
this is where a player will go to buy a challenge, you can have as many as you want

create 4 more "script_stuct" and give it the targetnames




these are where player redeems their rewards from, "podium_challenge_redeem_0" is player 1, "podium_challenge_redeem_1" is player 2 etc
you can also have as many of these as you want

near the top of the _zm_ancient_evil_challenges.gsc file you can find a bunch of lines looking like this
Code Snippet
	add_challenge_reward(1,				level.zombie_powerups["nuke"].model_name,				&spawn_powerup,		"nuke");
these are what adds rewards to the system
the "1" is what level of reward it is, should always be 1-4
the "level.zombie_powerups["nuke"].model_name" is the name of the model for the reward, this example will get the model of the nuke powerup
 "&spawn_powerup" is the name of the function that is run when this reward is taken, this example is for spawning powerups
"nuke" is the information passed on the the function in the part before, in this example its "nuke" because its a nuke powerup
another example is this
Code Snippet
	add_challenge_reward(2,				getweapon("shotgun_pump").worldModel,					&free_gun,			getweapon("shotgun_pump"));
this one will be a tier 2 reard, with the model of the KRM shotgun, running the give weapon function with the information of the krm weapon
i hope this is easy to understand if you want to change any of these rewards, or even add new ones, theres no limit to how many you can have, but you must have at least 1 reward per tier
near the top of the _zm_ancient_evil_chenges.gsc file you can find some lines that look like this
Code Snippet
	add_challenege("Anchored Down",		&challenege_anchored,		"Don't Move");
these lines add new challenges to the system
the "Anchored Down" is the name of the challenge that apears when active
the"&challenege_anchored" is the function that runs when the challenge is active
"Don't Move" is the description that apears under the challenge name
you would require some knowhow of scripting for you to make custom ones of these, they are threaded by the level, so if you want it threaded by players you will have to set it up to thread to players in the function.
to add "power" when a player does whatever you deem required, thread this
Code Snippet
player thread add_ancient_evil_challenge_power(power);
this will set up all the tings required, it wont add if its over the limit so dont worry about that. power is on a range of 1-100 so make sure you dont add to much at once
if anything isnt working or is confusing let me know and i'll try and fix as necicarry
5 years ago
this is a modification to the base perks script that allows people to do multiple things easier, this includes:
-easy to add custom perks
-built in perk slots (per player and global)
-automatically detects any perks in the map ran (no need to add level variables)
-changes functions to allow perks to be customized with 1 line each (price, model, sounds, bottle weapon etc)

first of all, back up your original perks script (in case something goes wrong or you want to revert back)

go to bo1 raw/maps and find _zombiemode_perks.gsc and make a copy of it, rename to whatever you want (e.g. _zombiemode_perks_old.gsc)

now open the original and delete EVERYTHING and replace it with this:

save the file and that's pretty much it, now i'll go over how to use any additions (these are also listed in the file)

adding a perk WITH a specific specialty used by the game
around line 113 you should see some lines like this:
Code Snippet
	level thread add_perk("vending_jugg", "specialty_armorvest", "jugger_light", "zombie_vending_jugg_on", 2500, undefined, &"ZOMBIE_PERK_JUGGERNAUT", "specialty_juggernaut_zombies", "zombie_perk_bottle_jugg", "mx_jugger_sting", undefined);
this is what adds juggernog specifically to the map/mod, there's one of these for each perk native to the game (including dlc)
to add a new perk your going to copy that line and place it under them. now we're going to change it, heres what each part of that line means (also listed in the file if you forget)

Code Snippet
add_perk( vending_machine, specialty, light_fx, machine_change, cost, perk_name, perk_name_actual, shader, bottle_weapon, short_jingle, function);
vending_machine - targetname on machine
specialty - trigger specialty (script_noteworthy)
light_fx - name of fx used for machine (level._effect[ -> light_fx <- ]) e.g. "zombie_vending_jugg_on"
machine_change - name of model to change to when powers on (CAN leave undefined if none)
cost - cost of the perk (should be a whole number e.g. 2500 )
perk_name - string of perks name e.g. "Deadshot Daquari" (leave undefined if string is already made e.g. &"ZOMBIE_PERK_JUGGERNAUT")
perk_name_actual - use this if above is undefined ONLY! should be used if string exists e.g. "ZOMBIE_PERK_JUGGERNAUT"
shader - name of icon to show up in game e.g. "specialty_juggernaut_zombies"
bottle_weapon - name of bottle used when drinking e.g. "zombie_perk_bottle_jugg"
short_jingle - name of jingle to play upon purchase e.g. "mx_jugger_sting"
function - threaded fuction that will only play if perk exists e.g. ::my_fuction

adding a perk WITHOUT a specific specialty used by the game
this is pretty much the exact same as the above, except you WILL NOT need a specific specialty, i can be literally anything you can think of, like "specialty_a_custom_perk" only thing is each perk needs a unique one, can even be as simple as "specialty_perk1" and "specialty_perk2"
when adding, use
Code Snippet
add_custom_perk( vending_machine, specialty, light_fx, machine_change, cost, perk_name, perk_name_actual, shader, bottle_weapon, short_jingle, function);
when using this however you will need to use different ways of checking the perk, such as finding if the player has it, for giving it and removing it by special means. these are also listed in the file but here they are again
Code Snippet
HasPerk( specialty_NAME )		-|-	will become	-|-		maps\_zombiemode_perks::HasCustomPerk( specialty_NAME )
UnsetPerk( specialty_NAME ) -|- will become -|- maps\_zombiemode_perks::UnsetCustomPerk( specialty_NAME )
SetPerk( specialty_NAME ) -|- will become -|- maps\_zombiemode_perks::SetCustomPerk( specialty_NAME )

some small extra stuff for this are as follows
Code Snippet
extra fuctions for custom specialty perks
maps\_zombiemode_perks::IsCustomPerk( specialty_NAME ) - returns true if specialty is listed as a custom specialty
maps\_zombiemode_perks::CreateCustomPerk( specialty_NAME ) - shouldnt be needed, but this will create a custom specialty (add_custom_perk() will automaticly use this)
maps\_zombiemode_perks::HasThePerk( specialty_NAME ) - finds out if player has that perk as custom or normal (it will find out if its custom or normal for you)

now on to some small extras
changing perk slots
per player you will need to call
Code Snippet

on a player, this gives 1 perk slot. if you want to add more just call it as many times as you wish
to change the base perk slot amount change
Code Snippet
	level.perk_limit = 4;	//change to be perk limit for all players

to however many you want, should be at line 28

custom perk fuctions
this already includes 2 custom perks i have made, use them if you want but you may need to edit if you do. these will not come with any models or shaders, you will need to make your own
this is pretty much the double damge doubletap 2.0 uses, if you would like this to be doubletap 2.0 instead you can change
Code Snippet
tufbrew_func( mod, hit_location, hit_origin, player, amount )
if(player HasThePerk("specialty_bulletdamage") && ( mod == "MOD_RIFLE_BULLET" || mod == "MOD_PISTOL_BULLET" ) )
if(amount >=
player maps\_zombiemode_score::player_add_points( "death", mod, hit_location, self.isdog );
self DoDamage( amount, player.origin );
return false;

Code Snippet
tufbrew_func( mod, hit_location, hit_origin, player, amount )
if(player HasThePerk("specialty_rof") && ( mod == "MOD_RIFLE_BULLET" || mod == "MOD_PISTOL_BULLET" ) )
if(amount >=
player maps\_zombiemode_score::player_add_points( "death", mod, hit_location, self.isdog );
self DoDamage( amount, player.origin );
return false;

this should be around line 1738

this perk lets each gun have 2 more clips of ammo
this one will require a LOT of editing. if you want to get it to work uncomment line 129, should look like
Code Snippet
	level thread candolier();	//bandolier perk, 2 extra clips of ammo for each gun, add to weapon files of each gun

and now you will need to go to EVERY gun you are going to use and change the maxammo and startammo to be 2 clips higher than it should be, and how the script will work is WITHOUT the perk it detects if the player has any ammo from these 2 extra clips, and if so remove them, with it, it will ignore the extra ammo and let the player take it. its important that all guns do this cause it will not skip over the guns you dont use this on. this is why it is commented out by default

if used please credit, if you have any trouble reply here and i'll answer if i can
6 years ago
setting is a small town trapped in a snowstorm over run with undead. i started this about 2 years ago now but stopped after about a week but now that bo1 tools are out i decided to port it over and finish it off in black ops 1

it is a fairly large map with multiple sections to explore (most not added yet, just base landmarks)

not much is added yet and much is planned including a bo1 styled easter egg

pictures: (may be out of date)

a custom boss is already added and working. its basically a napalm zombie but instead of fire it uses ice, being near it will start to freeze your screen and if you freeze too long you get trapped in ice for 5 seconds, allowing nearby zombies to hurt you. if get too close he will shatter and freeze any nearby players instantly

ive replaced some weapons with MP/SP weapons not normally in zombies which are papable. so far this includes:
Spoiler: click to open...
Spoiler: click to open...
Spoiler: click to open...
no image yet sorry
Spoiler: click to open...
Spoiler: click to open...
Spoiler: click to open...
sickle (melee weapon)
Spoiler: click to open...
Spoiler: click to open...
Spoiler: click to open...
Spoiler: click to open...
Spoiler: click to open...
note: camo was in the works while making these, should look like mac11's one

this will include all 8 black ops perks plus 2 custom perks based on cut perks from the game

ive made five styled teleports, after powers on lamps around the map can be used to teleport around. if you turn 5 vavles you can then teleport to the pap room for 30 seconds
6 years ago
before i continue, i CAN NOT use radiant for this, my only option is a script change (spawning models etc)

so i need to place a clip that blocks zombies and need to make them walk around, ive already spawned a collision model to block out players from passing through a solid object ive spawned but zombies just walk through this, is there any way to stop this? ive tried changing stuff in asset manager in "special surface properties" but they didnt really seem to do anything.
thanks if you can help
6 years ago
this is a script i made for a zombie that would randomly spawn in place of a normal zombie and teleport after every few seconds a few meters away from where it was. nothing too spectacular but it can throw people off guard if one spawns in the middle of a horde.

for this tutorial i will be using the model called "c_54i_cqb_fullbody" for the zombie, if you want a different one change this at any point in the tutorial to your own model.

first go into your maps zone file and add

Code Snippet

then go into your mapname.gsc and add
Code Snippet
#precache("xmodel", "c_54i_cqb_fullbody");
above main

then place this

Code Snippet
	level.teleport_zombie_reap_dist = 190;				//teleporting distance
level.teleport_zombie_reap_time_min = 3; //minimum time to teleport
level.teleport_zombie_reap_time_max = 3; //max time to teleport (time to teleport random between min and min + max)
level.teleport_zombie_reap_health_multiplier = 3; //health modifier, this many times more health than a normal zombie
level.teleport_zombie_reap_percent = 15; //spawn rate percent, this many out of 100 will become teleporters
level thread reap_special_zombies();


Code Snippet
	level.pathdist_type = PATHDIST_ORIGINAL;

then place this at the bottom of mapname.gsc

Code Snippet
function reap_special_zombies()
zombies = getaispeciesarray( "axis", "all" );
for( i = 0; i < zombies.size; i++ )
if( !isDefined( zombies[i].reap_special_zombies ) )
zombies[i].reap_special_zombies = true;
if(randomint(100) < level.teleport_zombie_reap_percent)
zombies[i] thread reap_special_zombie_teleporter();
wait 0.1;

function reap_special_zombie_teleporter()
self endon( "death" );
self.is_teleport_zombie = true;
self.force_gib = false;
self.gibbed = true;
self.maxhealth = self.maxhealth*level.teleport_zombie_reap_health_multiplier; =*level.teleport_zombie_reap_health_multiplier;
self.is_on_fire = true;
self.no_gib = 1;
self.head_gibbed = true;
self.needs_run_update = true;
self.allowpain = false;
self.ignore_nuke = true;
self.is_boss = true;
self detach( self.headModel, "" );
self detach( self.hatModel, "" );
self setmodel( "c_54i_cqb_fullbody" );
wait randomint(level.teleport_zombie_reap_time_min)+level.teleport_zombie_reap_time_max;
front = AnglesToForward(self.angles);
dist_pos = self.origin + VectorScale( front, level.teleport_zombie_reap_dist );
if( bullettracepassed( self.origin + (0, 0, 10), dist_pos + (0, 0, 10), false, undefined ) &&
(IsDefined(self.in_the_ground) && self.in_the_ground == false || !IsDefined(self.in_the_ground)))
if( IsVehicle( self ) )
self clientfield::set( "tesla_shock_eyes_fx_veh", 1 );
self clientfield::set( "tesla_shock_eyes_fx", 1 );
self PlaySound( "zmb_elec_jib_zombie" );
wait .2;
self hide();
wait .2;
self forceteleport(dist_pos);
wait .2;
self show();
wait .2;
if( IsVehicle( self ) )
self clientfield::set( "tesla_shock_eyes_fx_veh", 0 );
self clientfield::set( "tesla_shock_eyes_fx", 0 );

that should be it, if you have any questions or issues let me know
6 years ago
so idk how to explain this but i want to know if i can set some kind of variable and then if the player closes the mod and reopens it another time that variable will still be saved. something like the getstat setstat in WaW. also needs to be changeable per player, not everyone in the lobby

also this wont need to move to another mod or anything, just anytime the singular mod is used
thanks in advance
6 years ago
so i have a mod that adds custom perks to all maps, but the problem im facing is that in origins they just wont work. they spawn in and ive scripted them to automatically turn on but they wont allow me to buy them, with the player stating that a generator needs to be turned on. is there any way around this, to either have them turn on with a generator or just constantly on?
thanks in advance
7 years ago
^1ERROR: Failed to link localized fastfile 'core_mod' for english.
^1ERROR: Failed to link localized fastfile 'core_mod' for french.
^1ERROR: Failed to link localized fastfile 'core_mod' for italian.
^1ERROR: Failed to link localized fastfile 'core_mod' for spanish.
^1ERROR: Failed to link localized fastfile 'core_mod' for traditionalchinese.

anyone know how to fix this? happens when building my mod in launcher
7 years ago
this mod adds 6 additional custom perks to ALL MAPS!
this also removes the perk limit, enjoy your freedom!
this adds perk machines to all treyarch maps

just updated to include 7/8 chronicles maps (shi no numa be broke af)

BLOOD BULLETS - slowly regenerate ammo for your current weapon, clip size determines how fast and how much
CASHBACK COCKTAIL - after every purchase you get 25% of the money back
NUKE-A-COLA - when down you will set off a nuke powerup
POINT CRUSHER - earn up to 90 extra points rounded to the nearest 10 on a kill (higher numbers are rarer)
DOWNERS DELIGHT - able to use primary weapon when in last stand with full ammo and a longer bleed out time
GUARDIAN ANGEL ALE - when hit you get a temporary godmode lasting a few seconds, then it will need to cooldown

enjoy and please report bugs

side notes:
in custom maps, these perks CAN be used, but ONLY via gobblegum machines using gums like perkaholic and on the house
perks in the following maps DO NOT require power for these perks: SOE, REVEALTIONS, SHI NO NUMA, NACHT DER UN TOTEN, ORIGINS
these perks WILL be affected by gobble gum
these perks will NOT be in the wunderfizz on any map

steam workshop link
7 years ago

i have no idea what i did, but this is my radiant, i have no option to spawn script related stuff and in the 3d view and all things like path nodes, script struts, etc. all are the green cubes. no idea how to fix it so hopefully someone out there knows, thanks
7 years ago

this is a remaster of my very first custom map i made over 2 years ago, lots of people wanted this to be remade and now with me actually half knowing how to do stuff, i decided to remake this

this map is also available in my map pack featuring multiple other maps here,12233.0.html

his twitter -
his youtube channel -

V1.1 update
Spoiler: click to open...
so there were a few problems hopefully that are now fixed, as well as a few hud updates. these are whats fixed:
gumballs that return perks now restore mule kick weapon
removed wallguns from the mystery box (more chance at better stuff)
wonderweapons should be much more common than they were
QED fixes (with randomizing sound now)
missing textures on the l118 and paped peacekeeper fixed
blaze boss fight easier (not by much but should be noticeable)
qed powerups can now drop in the nether and boss areas
paping certain weapons giving a default weapon


gobblegums (bo3 styled)
BO3 Re-Pack-A-Punch abilities
Spoiler: click to open...
after a gun is pack-a-punched it can be re-pack-a-punched as many times as you want, with the exceptions of wunderweapons, explosives and special weapons
these can NOT be used on boss type zombies

turned - makes a zombie an ally for a short time, ignored by other zombies as it attacks them
blast furnace - sets a zombie and all nearby zombies on fire, killing instantly
dead wire - electrocutes a zombie and spreads up to 8 others nearby
fireworks - a gun spawns from a zombie and shoots nearby zombies
thunder wall - sends nearby zombies flying into the air

Spoiler: click to open...
original - just normal zombie rules

gungame - get a certain amount of kills to advance a gun, finish last gun to win

sharpshooter - every minute you get a random gun to survive with

one in the chamber - you get a revolver with one bullet, get a kill, get a bullet, no reserve ammo (this is your only gun)

z confirmed - the only points you can gain are from bonus points drops (50% chance a zombie will drop one)

deprived - (co-op only) players will go head to head trying to be the first to buy the buyable ending, hold use + aim to open a menu with various things to put other players at a disadvantage, including:
swap guns
taking their perks
swapping locations
disabling perk machines (only for that player)
and more... (about 10 in total, and more may come)

i have plans for more including a grief gamemode, will be added later
extra game settings
Spoiler: click to open...
these are extra setting just to set up slight challenges and stuff

note: some of these are overwrited by gamemodes and some maps

difficulty - beginner, easy, normal, hard, veteran
these dont change things too much,mostly just the start rounds (i plan on making veteran extremely hard later on)
they modify:
zombie speed
zombie spawn rate (time between spawns)
start points
starting zombie health (just the round one health, they add the same amount after each round in all settings)

buyable doors - normal, off, double price, all open

wallbuys - normal, off

mystery box - normal, off, 2 box (fixed to give more slots if mule kick or non weapon obtained, eg monkeys)

perks - normal, off, random locations(some perks with exceptions), wunderfizz only

weapons from various cods (cod4-bo3)
custom wounder weapons
3 hit down without jugg
xp system (currently has no real use)
bo3 style slide
easter egg ending
3 bosses (2 for easter egg)
10 wonderweapons from various maps (one custom)
new custom powerups

Spoiler: click to open...
this is a list of perks within the mod, not all maps will use them however

BLADE-O-RADE - replaces your knife with a bowie knife and deals 30x normal melee damage
BLOOD BULLETS - slowly regenerate ammo for your current weapon, clip size determins how fast and how much (wont work in infinite damage weapons)
CANDOLIER - able to carry 2 clips worth of extra ammo in all guns
CASHBACK COCKTAIL - after every purchase you get 20% of the money back
DOWNERS DELIGHT - able to use primary weapon when in last stand with full ammo and a longer bleedout time
GUARDIAN ANGEL ALE - when hit you get a temporary godmode lasting a few seconds, then it will need to cooldown
NO BEAR BREW - no teddy bear from box and box randomizes faster
PACK-A-BOX - 20% chance of getting a paped weapon from the mystery box
POINT CRUSHER - earn up to 100 extra points rounded to the nearest 10 on a kill and 10% chance of 20 points on a hit
REPAIRMAN RUM - barriers are repaired twice as fast
LAZER PINT - puts a laser sight on all guns

Spoiler: click to open...

gobblegums are gumballs that can be purchased within the map and used for different enhancements, to select your gumballs go to the GUMBALL selection at the main menu, it will load up a small box map with 3 power switches and 5 red squares, the red squares let you cycle between gums to select for your pack, you may have up to five in one pack

so save your pack, just pause and hit save and quit

the switches let you spin for mega gumballs witch have much greater effects, depending on their rarity, mega, rare mega and ultra rare megas, to get these you must spend divinium on the vats,
1 vat - cost 1 divinium but only get whats in the first slot
2 vat - cost 2 diviunium and get the first 2 slots
3 vats - cost 3 divinium and get all three vats

you can also get:
a reward doubler, which gives 2 of everything else
a divinium, used for an extra spin
power boost (only when using 1 or 2 vats) which opens all vats

mega gumballs are a one time use, if you use one, you have to get another. these however can be stacked and you can have hundreds at a time!

to get divinium spend money on things within a map, the higher its price the more you can get!
you can also get 15 by completing an ingame challenge, theres a new one every game! (check in pause menu)

these are the gumballs: (there will be more in updates!)
gumballs are color coded
time based
player activated (x on keyboard, dup on controller)
round based
activated under certain circumstances
enhances perk effects

treyarch gums
these are gums from treyarch zombies that i have working so far, some effect may vary slightly from their original effects
classic gums
classic gums have an unlimited amount of uses and dont need to be obtained through vats like mega gumballs
Stock Option - use ammo from reserve instead of the clip
Coagulant - double bleedout time
In Plain Sight - zombies ignore you
Danger Closest - no explosive damage
Alchemical Antithesis - instead of every 10 points you get 1 bullet for active gun
Luck Crit - more chance of repap ammo effect
Sword Flay - knife deals 5x damage

Dead of Nuclear Winter - spawn a nuke powerup
Crawl Space - turns nearby zombies into crawlers
I'm Feelin' Lucky - spawn a random powerup
Who's Keeping Score? - spawn a double points powerup
Unquenchable - can buy an extra perk (only used when all perk slots filled)
Pop Shocks - knifed zombies are electrocuted and spreads up to 5 zombies
Slaughter Slide - 2 explosions when sliding
Disorderly Combat - every 10 seconds you are given a random gun
aftertaste - perks are kept if you become revived
phoenix up - revive all downed allies and they keep their perks
mind blown - gibs the heads of all zombies in sight, killing them instantly

rare megas
Cache Back - spawn a max ammo powerup
Kill Joy - spawn an instakill powerup
On the House - spawn a random perk powerup
Fear in Headlights - all zombies in your view will freeze (due to a bug they still attack when close)
Undead Man Walking - all zombies will walk at a round 1 speed
Wall Power - next wall weapon you buy will be paped
Crate Power - next box weapon will be paped
temporal gift - powerups last 5x longer
bullet boost - repap your current gun (if supported)

ultra rare megas
Head Drama - all shots on zombies will do damage to the head
Secret Shopper - you can buy ammo for your active gun at any wallbuy (even wonderweapons)
Profit Sharing - Points you earn are also received by nearby players and vice versa
Killing Time - all zombies will be frozen, all zombies shot will be killed
Shopping Free - all purchases are free (because of buyable endings and other things, you need the amount of the item your buying for it to take effect
Perkaholic - all perks in the map instantly
self medication - revive yourself after getting a kill, keep perks (you will have a raygun out)
near death experience - revive downed allies just by being near them, and they keep their perks (WILL NOT WORK IN SOLO!)

custom gums (so far)

Here They Rise - spawns 20 extra zombies
Dead Aim - more accuracy with deadshot
Trigger Finger - faster rate of fire with double tap

rare megas
Blood Bag - 100 aditional health with jugg (2 hits)
Extreme Conditioning - longer sprint time with staminup
Money Hungry - extra points with point crusher
Shock Theropy - double damage with electric cherry shocks
Extra Pockets - ammo regen for third weapon with mule kick
Flashed Blur - faster reload with speed cola
Medic Man - faster revive speed with quick revive
Firearm Formulation - spawn a random weapon powerup
Cash Stash - spawn a bonus points powerup
Perk Pursuing - spawn a free perk SLOT powerup (whoever picks this up has +1 perks slots for the rest of the game)
Bottomless Bullets - spawn a bottomless clip powerup
Faith Finder - spawn a godmode powerup
Racing Stripes - spawn a speed boost powerup

ultra rare megas
Loan Shark - all buys take no points, when expired half point spent are taken
Advantage Amnesia - perks will instantly randomize locations
Bullet Bucks - turns each bullet in your active gun into 50 points

Spoiler: click to open...
this is still a work in progress, for now only 4 games works

in the arcade you can earn tickets and spend them on gobblegums as an alternative to divinium

the games:
gumball dropper
you are a perkaholic, move to avoid the "bad" gobblegums, when one goes off screen, you get a point, after a while they speed up making it harder and harder, for every 10 points you earn a ticket!

move a helicopter and shoot enemy helicopters, every 5 kills gives a ticket, 3 misses and game over

shoot random targets as fast as you can, every 5 hits gives a ticket, 3 misses and game over. they will gradually speed up until its near impossible to finish

nade toss
you get 4 grenades to try and throw into a moving hole, each one you get in give you 3 tickets

Spoiler: click to open...
this isnt beneficiary at all, but with this its possible to change the textures of the map
all you need to do is find the mod in your mods folder and replace the file: "trxture_pack.iwd" with one of these

pack 1:


Spoiler: click to open...

original texture pack from the mod (or any texture pack, but recommend original so you can tell what the textures are) -
if you are going to be using an original mc texture pack (a texture pack used in the real game) you will need the textures from it
tom_bmx's iwi to dds program -
7zip or any program that can be used to open an IWD file -

take my trxture_pack.iwd and open it
extract the images folder to somewhere you can find it easily
open the extracted folder
drag and drop the IWI files into toms Tom_IWI&DDS.exe (DO NOT open that exe, simply drag the files to the exe then drop them on it)
if done right, there should now be a dds file for every iwi file
delete the iwi files

get all your new texture pack images ready
open any of the .dds files into
open that texture in your new texture pack images in
make the new image the same size as the old one (most likely 512x512, or if it a door, 256x512)
save the new image as a dds, replacing the old one with these settings:

repeat for each texture (there needs to be one for each texture, however you can just use the old one for any if you don't wish to use the new one for it)

once you have all your .dds files for the texture pack you need to once again drag them all to toms Tom_IWI&DDS.exe to make them into .IWI files
open up the trxture_pack.iwd and delete everything in the images folder
move all your .IWIs (NOT THE .DDS!) into the images folder inside of the trxture_pack.iwd
save the trxture_pack.iwd

that's it, you now have a texture pack to use for the mod, install it by placing the file in the mod replacing the old one located:
C:\Users\YOUR PC USERNAME HERE\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\mods
if you provide me a url link and an image showing off the texture pack, i will include it in the OP for others to use, with credit to yourself

thank you to these awesome people who helped make this happen (in no particular order)
if i forgot you im sorry, let me know and i'll add you (likely since im forgetful :p)

madgaz gaming
Harry Bo21
various people across ugx
NG caudle

NOTE: these were the beta testers that actually reported bugs


sorry if i missed you, if your here and want your name changed, or not here and you think you should be, contact me via twitter where i sent beta links


7 years ago
ok so my problem is a kind of weird one, in my mod i use gobblegums but the current way of selecting them is quite anoying, however it NEEDS gsc scripts to work, since it uses setstat/getstat. it also needs the player to go into a map specificly for gobblegum selecting and various other things (like using the vats).
 what i want to know is if its possible to set it up from the main menu to open another small menu that lets you click on the gums to select (there will need to be a selection for all 5)

if this isnt possible, can someone help with a menu that can be opened in that map where players can click on their gum, and have it display the description and amount they currently have (that stuff is set up, just needs a way of showing in menu)
7 years ago
this is a pretty simple mod for bo1, it adds in any perk that was "missing" from that map (deadshot, phd, staminup etc...) as well as an added electric cherry and 3-4 custom perks ive made (one is only on 3 maps since its useless on the others)
also now has extra gamemodes as options

Spoiler: click to open...
added nacht der untoten perks
fixed hackables on the custom perks in moon
free perk powerups award all players a free perk slot
player is now notified if a perk slot is gained
Spoiler: click to open...
added verruckt perks
added shi no numa perks
added der riese perks
Spoiler: click to open...
added gungame and one in the chamber gamemodes
death machine swap out
small bugs on certain maps i made fixed
Spoiler: click to open...
added sharpshooter gamemode
fixed a glitch that occurs from the mystery box (hopefully)
Spoiler: click to open...
removed bouncing betties and spikemores from gungame and sharpshooter
Spoiler: click to open...
co-op easter eggs can now be done solo (see new section for details)
fixed a bug caused by previous update
doubletap 2 now has correct model and function (bullet splitting)

gameplay of TheRelaxingEnd playing this mod, along with myself and HitmanVere

my own gameplay (kino der toten)


perks added:
Spoiler: click to open...
any perk that isnt in that map (nacht will not contain the following however)
electric cherry (bo2 version)
estatic elixir - creates a small electric discharge while running, shocking nearby zombies within melee range (this will not damage them, just stun them) - 3000 points
cashback cocktail - 25% of points will be regained after any purchase - 3000
point crusher - gain between 10-90 additional points for a kill, higher points are rarer - 4000
no nova soda - nova crawlers killed by the player will not drop gas, novas killed by other players gas will not hurt or blind you - 1500

Spoiler: click to open...
you have noting but a python and one bullet, for each kill, you get a bullet back. see how long you can last

after getting so many point, you will receive a new gun, be the first to finish all guns to win (better for co-op)

every 115 seconds you will be given a random gun, you cannot swap this out. see how long you can survive

Spoiler: click to open...
all easter eggs can now be done on solo (these will not give achievements)


-step to hit the 4 buttons near the perks has a MUCH longer time, should be enough to reach all 4 (managed to do this myself)
-on solo the step requireing the lunar landers to collect letters is completly skipped, instead go straight on to powering the orb with various wonderweapons
-final step (one the above skips to) will reqire thegesh device and only one of the other 3 items, of your choosing (thundergun, ray gun, dolls)
-once done, all perks will be obtained (this is an added part to the easter egg, as an extra reward)

call of the dead:
-co-op steps have been added for more challenge, vodka step will drop and stay for 5 seconds before breaking. thats enough time to reach it in at least 2 spots(when broken, it respawns)

-the 4 buttons to the past have a higher timer, but you will still need to be fast (co-op has a shorter time, 4 players have normal time
-plate step will be skipped in solo, just give about 10-20 seconds after pressing the button to activate the plates

-golden rob will start obtained, you will need to be Richthofen for this in solo (always available in co-op)

note: in solo, perks will not be permanent

other notes/changes in this mod:
when you have a death machine, you can swap weapons to loose it early (beneficial since you cant do certain things while holding it)
there IS still a perk limit, to increase it zombies will drop blue perk powerups, they also drop free perk powerups giving all players a random perk
the doubletap IS doubletap 2.0, and functions as it does in bo2 (splits the bullet into 2 for bullet based weapons)
in Ascension the monkeys probably wont take the added perks, i didn't set that up, i'll probably fix it later
on moon the no mans land perk will always be point crusher, jugg and speed are now on the moon
the perk shaders used are the bo2 ones, i like it like that, im not changing it!

bioshock infinite (i used a model from that that i modified/retextured)

if i forgot you let me know


Spoiler: click to open...
ok well first you need game_mod, heres  link to that  (same as above) -
scroll down to DOWNLOADS then click on and download it

 … unzip that to where bo1 is installed directly, next make a folder in your bo1 folder called "mods" place the mod download in that. then in the bo1 folder theres a file called BO_Mods.bat , launch that and it will load bo1 with a mods option, select that then the mod then play a map like normal

7 years ago
map now released here-,14863.0.html

or in my map pack here -,12233.0.html

this is the remastered version of my very first map, released over a year ago. i decided to remake this because when i made the first version i had no idea what i was doing, yet somehow became really popular. so i bring you this

this is being mapped by NGcaudle and scripted by myself, adding tons of additional features and an overall better look to it

we want to keep as much of the original features as we can as well as adding new features that fit into the map

Spoiler: click to open...

features so far/planed features
Spoiler: click to open...
extra drops (god mode, infinite ammo, speed boost, perk slot)
over 15 planned perks + one new perk
a full minecraft related easter egg ending
smaller easter eggs
new areas and enemies from the original
bo3 sliding
more to come...

8 years ago
so i know a lot of people have moved on to bo3, but i want to finish what i started in WaW before i move on

this is going to be a moon styled map, with a low/normal gravity system (already operational) and others, but there's something that makes this more unique, the moon had recently been hit with missiles sent from earth, causing havoc on the base, hence the name; Fractured Moon

theres not much to show just yet as ive only started a few days ago but i have a few cool features coming or already working, and will most likely become part of my map pack

this is also a continuation of nightclub

pictures (more will come)
Spoiler: click to open...

Spoiler: click to open...
over time i may place update videos on some stuff i'm willing to show off

planed/finished features
Spoiler: click to open...
low and normal gravity zones
moon jump pads (from biodone)
easter egg ending + boss
hacker device (currently almost fully functional, needs anims + box hack script)
new + returning custom perks
special equitment to greate gravity fields outside
large areas (likely larger tha bo1 moon)
much more! (dont wanna spoil all of it)

this will likely take some time to make, no date for finishing as of yet

any ideas/input on the development of this map is appreciated
8 years ago
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