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I could really use it to speed up some of my favorite tools!
I hit the limit of my old SSD a long time ago and can really need the SSD for tools like Mudbox, 3d-Coat, Photoshop etc.

PS: I hope ex-UGX members are not excluded from the contest? :D
2559 days ago
It's permanently on the bottom of the menu?

Oh only read through this article and the wiki article, didnt see the ingame edition.
2783 days ago
No credit for justin? O.o
2784 days ago
thanks for the feedback, and another question. Is there any merit to making buildings inside cod radiant and exporting them to maya then unity, given I don't know how to use blender. Also am I allowed to distribute my game if it contains things built in cod radiant?

You can export BSP brushes from Radiant to a .mel script for maya. Textures dont get exported though.
As long as you have made these brushes yourself you should be fine. Most of the time, it is better to create the buildings from scratch inside maya/blender because you will come up with far more efficient work which will also be much better to work with.
2802 days ago
If you are a single person, Unity is great to get started!
Unity is veery simple to use, for modeling you can literally drag and drop nearly any kind of model file into the editor (It supports .fbx and even .mb/.ma !!)

i wouldnt really suggest UDK or Cryengine. Cryengine is quite complex and the documentation is not thaaat good imo. UDK has a very great community but because it has so many features it can be quite complex to get an understanding of it.

Unity is easy to get into. You wont hit its limits for quite a time, trust me lol. Unity also has a very great, friendly and helpfull community that can help you out with questions/problems. Ive taken a look at unity and was very pleased with it. Ive never started something serious with it though.
2803 days ago
How bout when they mentioned how amazing it was for them to have "high resolution textures on the viewarms" and on the dog. I lost my shit at that point.

Well i kinda understand what their point mightve been. 2 times bigger resolution of textures costs a heckload of ressources. Normal maps also consume more power than diffuse maps. The old xbox wouldnt have been able to handle that (considering you not only have 1 texture per model but diffuse,spec,nrm,detailnrm). Now with the advanced hardware they can do that. Ofc from the perspective of the PC this whole topic is a joke. It seems like the presentation was really focusing on CoD on that specific console. (Well, the whole stream yesterday was about the Xbox one so thats not a surprise lol)

Thats actually why i understand that they would mention that. AO on the other hand, is a technique to actually efficiantly achieve fake lightning so they couldve used that in the older CoDs.

I completely dont understand why they mentioned subdiv.
You cant actually use subdivs for games, youd have to convert them to polys obviously. The only use it has for 3d assets is to quickly make smooth high poly meshes to bake nrm/AO/disp maps, thats why i dont understand why they actually mentioned it. (the part where he smoothed a part of a weapon model was just stupid. In 3ds max youd litterally just use turbosmooth and in maya you just use the smooth proxy tool to achieve exactly the shown result.)

The new Cod is likely to not even support DirectX 11. Otheriwse they wouldve made a huuuuge ruckus about tesselation with Dx11. They coulve called it "Ultrasmooth Realtimesubdivisioning" lolz.
2803 days ago
They talk about LODs as if its some new system that they just invented which is total crap. The lean feature? wow that's new, never seen them do that before. Upgraded viewarms textures? you could have done that anytime? They take the modern warfare franchise and change the name and singleplayer idea, you still think the multiplayer is going to be different? The thing people were complaining about in MW3? I would doubt it. I personally am not impressed, my opinion may change about the game as we see more but it sounds like they are talking to five year olds in their tech trailer, which granted they are but it doesn't justify feeding the community crap.

Were they really talking about LOD? I dont really recall them reffering to that technique, theyve been using it in previous cods before. It does seem like they just discovered what subdivs are lol. Also it seems that AO was completely unknown to them so far LOL.

Hey lets use tech that everyone uses already and just give it a new name! Now its futuristic and full of innovation!
2803 days ago
Trem you spelled "Experience" wrong in the trailer.
2806 days ago
I loved NDU back when cod waw was new. I bought the game twice because the german version doesnt have nazi zombies in it xD.

I somewhen found out that you can actually mod the game on the PC, so i switched from mapping in Starcraft to modding in CoD ^^.

I wanted to join the UGX Team :D. Not really I just got the game and starting playing custom maps, always had a passion to figure out how things on computers work. After I saw the UGX UMP on project X from then on I was a UGX Fanboy and would do anything to get on the team :P

Im glad you liked my UMP  :)
2824 days ago
tom making wins again ^^
2886 days ago
You can send me the scene if you want. Ill try to fix it and later tell what exactly the problem was.
2897 days ago
yes, i also tried that but the same thing happens, would i have to re-rig the whole model for it to work correctly? i dont know what else to think of...

Check the "smooth bind" settings and make it so that only the selected joints gets bound to the mesh and not the whole hirarchy. Otherwise i cant think of anything that would make the model deform by when just having 1 joint influencing it.
2897 days ago
Oh im sorry, i thought the root join was named "J_Gun", sorry about that.

The joint that you rotated in the pic appears to be the root joint. Try only binding that join to the mesh.
Dont bind the other joints to anything.
2897 days ago
Did you bind both joints to the mesh? I suppose the whole sickle is 1 object, so when you bind 2 joints to this object the movement of 1 joints affects the mesh itself as it has 2 influences.

Did you delete the bowie knife rig and create a own one? That would require you to animate it yourself as you cant use the bowie knife animations anymore.

As for your problem, only bind the root joint to the sickle, dont bind anything to the other joints and you should be fine.
2898 days ago
cant seem to scale the gun ( smaller ) , is their a tut about this. thanks

To scale the model down you need to rebind it from its rig, scale it down with the scale tool, rerig it and reimport it.
You cant scale the model down by scaling the "J_Gun" Joint down, you have to scale the mesh itself down.
2898 days ago


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