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Hi all, I downloaded Realism 3.0 and there's no way to correctly run it. Long time ago I was on 2.2 and had no issue.
So here steps I did :

- Fresh install of WaW
- First launch of the game to set player files
- Install of T4M

Install of Realism
- put "New_Realism" folder in AppData/Local/Activision/CodWaW/mods/
- put map_source, raw and zone_source in WaW root folder

I tried directly like this, load mod from main menu, nothing happens except a back to desktop and back to game
(WaW tells launch without mod, so he recognize at least something), then after launching any official zm map (from menu or console)
it crashes at the beginning of loading.

I saw that the map had to be re-compiled with the mod, I tried to use the ZomMods Realism Installer but it failed.

I followed the steps provided in text file along with video "tuto for mappers" and tried compiling with nazi_zombie_factory files, but also failed.

Here some things I tried
- T4M Lan Fix
- Try different resolutions
- Load in Safe Mode
- Run WaW in compatibility mode
- I also tried a version of T4M with the 400FX Error Fix

I'm pretty sure there's a step I missed but can't clarify exactly what I've to do.

Thanks for any help you can provide :)
174 days ago
Hi guys !

I have this annoying problem of Asset Manager which won't open and saying that side-by-side configuration is incorrect.
- Launcher or Asset Manager are launched in admin from /bin

- I tried everything said here

- I tried to run both programs with compatibility mode for XP, Vista and 7

I'm on Windows 10 with all drivers updated to latest versions.

Thanks for any help ! :D
629 days ago


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