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Messages - Space Kracken

hey bacon, i just got your private message asking me if i would like those gunports and tutorial on it, it wont let me reply so i have to go back on this post. i would really like that. i havent been on my computer in a few days i got really sick and havent been able to. plus, since this i dont even know if i want to make maps anymore. i spent over two days making my map, over a week to get the perks and half a week of not having the boxes work, i gave up. i had someone give me their _zombiemode_weapons.gsc and fucked up my whole map. decide to give up on the 2 week old map and start on a new one. well now i got fuckin alien writing, the only help i have had was (oh just delete your map and remake it again) ok so after ive done that a dozen times, im pretty sure its not gonna fuckin work. idk over 2 weeks struggling on a map just for the boxes to not work, and then my files get fucked up. then give up, throw all that time, effort, and work into the garbage. and lets start a new one. oh i cant read anything? oh i cant get it to work and the only help hasnt helped. idk im about to give up on map making atm. because if i have one more stupid simple error that wont fucking fix itself, im going to throw my desktop out the window. honestly i have probably been on every single help page on this website. any error that you can think of? ive had it atleast 5 times. nothing ever can go easy for me. so if u want to send me those gun downloads, if i decide to make maps again atleast ill have those. i just wont put any mystery boxes in the mother fucker. ill just put wall guns everywhere.
2 years ago
Ok, so I have looked for a while and cant find the exact question, let alone answer. So I was wondering, when I download weapon ports for black ops 1, 2, 3, 4, cod ghosts, cod IW, cod MW 1, 2, 3, and cod AW, is there a way I can download these and use them on cod Waw without actually owning the games? ??? Because I've seen a lot of tutorials saying that I need the games, and i need maya. But if not, when i download the files and open it in winrar what next? Transfer them? Convert them? :uglystupid2: And also another question. I couldnt find any cod black ops 3 weapon packs for waw. Only for black ops 4 zombies. Can I download that pack and convert them to cod waw? :\ And again, how would I do that? I'm sorry that i am new, i have made my first map, and got harrybo21s black ops 1, 2, 3 perks and pack a punch8) , but i want to have some new guns as well to equal it all out. :shitstorm: I am a noob, but i know some. Sorry again if this topic has been covered and I couldnt find it...:P
2 years ago
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