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Messages - asdert

Hence, we can conclude that this mod requires only an online profile. But I only use a local network with an offline profile.
(no options :'( )
3 years ago
Then tell me, what version of the game do you have?
And I mean a local area network without Internet access. Does this option work for anyone?
3 years ago
Thank you for your answer, but alas.
Of course I use LanFix.
As soon as I apply the file d3d9.dll (r45), then in the boot menu of the co-op game over the local network, I get the message:
"Server authorization error, please try again."
The version of my game (CD "RU") 1.7.1263. When run with d3d9.dll, the version is detected as 2.0.45.
I tried the English version of the game 2.0.45, the result is the same.
With the T4M version of the mod (r41), you can't get into the lobby at all.
P / S    Hope punkbuster doesn't need to use LAN mod for this? :/  
3 years ago
I have a CD version, I tried all possible options with the T4M(r45)  mod to play on the local network. USELESS! It doesn't work on LAN at all.:'(
3 years ago
:-1000: this does not work in a multiplayer game, only single player (firebox)
4 years ago
even single mode doesn't work
5 years ago
если это помогает первой кнопке всегда играть в соло, а вторая кнопка для курятника, я не думаю, что он сделает свою карту для других языков, извините за плохой язык, это было переведено с помощью Google переводчика
who asked you, and? :facepalm:
6 years ago
Please add support for the Russian language. Otherwise, instead of letters in the menu of the eroglyphs. :-[
6 years ago
I also keep getting "Server authentication failure" error everytime we try to play. We use latest version with Lanfixed exe.

Steps to reproduce:
1. copy d3d9.dll (T4M r45) and Lanfixed exe (1.7) into WAW root folder
2. we start the game
3. One of us hosts a zombie lobby
4. the other one joins, everything works perfectly up until this point
5. The host starts the game
6. The host's game loads all the way through, and a "Ready" text is displayed next to host's name in green, indicating it's successfully loaded and is now waiting for the client to finish loading
7. while client is halfway through loading map, client's game forcefully quits into server browser with the error "Server authentication failure"

Is this ever going to be fixed? Has this ever gotten looked into?
Problem is that apparently nobody can play T4M on LAN or virtual LAN (e.g. Tunngle).

Quite right, this nonsense does not work on the local network.  :'(
6 years ago
This "T4m" does not support LAN! :(
So that no map with it does not work on the local network. :-[
6 years ago
Yes, I use LanFix
( When there is synchronization during the loading of any maps with this mod (dll), then communication breaks out.)

server authentication error, please try again   :'( :'( :'(

LOG (password: ugx-mods )

this mod does not work offline. A network game with him, generally impossible to start.  >:( >:(
6 years ago
here in general, it is possible to get an answer to the question at stake?
6 years ago
Please tell me why this "d3d9.dll" does not work on the local network without going online. When you connect, you receive messages - "Server Error Error".
Without it everything works. Game license from the "disk."
How to fix it?  :-[
OS Win7X32
6 years ago
this does not work over the local network :( >:(
6 years ago
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