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I was able to get into contact with DidUKnowiPwn and he pointed me in the direction of level.zombie_weapons which is an array of all the weapons in the game where the weapon (GetWeapon("weapon name")) is the index in the array. All of these can be accessed with GetArrayKeys. Since the keys are valid weapons, using getArrayKeys, then getting any valid index will give a gun which can be used in player GiveWeapon(). all of the rest of the details can be seen in _zm_weapons.gsc.
1427 days ago
to me your script looks fine, most likely either the new line or the character that comes directly after it (on windows when you hit enter you are making 2 characters) was corrupted meaning that just deleting that line and replacing it would have most likely solved the issue.
1428 days ago
I am working on a sharp shooter mod for zombies and need to get all the weapons on a map for it, which may vary from map to map as there are a lot of people working on porting weapons and they are starting to show up in increasing numbers in zombies maps. I have tried using tablelookup, but that didn't work at all. The way I searched was by using a function that DidUKnowiPwn wrote for his infected mod which can be seen below. I have tried printing out the slot names, as well as the group names and the names of each individual entry in the table, but all of these attributes turned out to be empty.

Does anyone know an alternative to this, or a way to get this working for zombies?

DidUKnowiPwn's tablelookup code that works for MP
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Thank you for any help possible!
1429 days ago
I have a bit of a question... why in the get_zw_count function, why do you write:

	if ( IS_TRUE( enemies[i].ignore_enemy_count ) )
ARRAY_ADD( level.current_zw_array, enemies[i] );

level.current_zw_count = level.current_zw_array.size;
return level.current_zw_count;

instead of:

	if ( IS_TRUE( enemies[i].ignore_enemy_count ) )
return level.current_zw_count;

This way is more efficient because the game doesn't need to handle memory allocation, as well as the counter which in your code is just hidden in the array. This is also more efficient because it doesn't have to handle as many function calls as the currently standing code does.
1439 days ago


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