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Looks awsome :D
Great u guys making progress again and good luck.
Ill defenitly play it a lot when its released ;)
3045 days ago
I hosted a mod on mw2, called Make em fall.
The idea was this :
-1 or 2 floors that are made from carepackages
-All players have a pistol to shoot the carepackage to let his enemies fall down and die (if you shoot the player you cant kill him - almost no damage)
-At the beginning a gamble system : you get 1 of the pistols, or have change of a tmp (submachinegun)
-It was really fun and everyone alsways likes it (full lobby everytime)

So now the point to my idea:
-You need a small flat map thats made of some kind of boxes that can be destroyed by bullits (6-7 per box)
-The zombies run fast to you (Destroy the boxes to kill them - You cant kill em with your pistol!)
-make it like a square for running around(more challenge, you can fall down yourself too =)
-it needs a gambling system thats gives you pistols like colt,nambu,walther,magnum or moderns weps desert eagle,usp etc. (if youre lucky get a smg)
-it has diffrend levels (easy - medium - hard)
-The zombies need to spawn in the air so they fall down on the platform (more challenge)

I hope ou like this idea

Greetz Jeff

3283 days ago
Hey, how is the progress in* %??
3288 days ago
Maybe its an idea, to add the secret songs of the Blackops zombie maps, that would be great!
3295 days ago
Damn good idea (:
I'm sure it will be better then any other mod for waw (:

greetz :D
3309 days ago
When you will post more screens of the new map :D? :D
3334 days ago
Welcome to the forum! Enjoy your stay.

Thanks, i will :D :) ;) ;D :P ::)
3346 days ago
I am so exited for the release !!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
3346 days ago
Hi everyone,

Im Jeff but i think you people already seen that  ;)

Something about me:
I am 15 years old.
I have some mod experience but not very much :P
I live in Holland (ye the country where its allowed to use drugs :D).
My english is sometimes bad so please correct me and dont get mad at me :P
My favorite sports are : Soccer, Judo and Tennis.

I play a lot of games like :
- Call of Duty 2
- Call of Duty : World at War
- Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2
- Call of Duty : Black Ops (With The DLC's First Strike, Escalation and Annihilation).
- R.U.S.E.
- Grand Theft Auto 4
- Grand Theft Auto 4 Episodes of Liberty City

If you have a question about something, Contact me:
- Steam : Jeffkillsyoutoo
- Xfire : Jeffkillsyoutoo
- CustomCoD, ZombieModding and The best forum : Jeffkillsyoutoo
- Call of Duty : World at War : Jeffkillsyou
3346 days ago


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