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reviving a dead topic.. congrats for your first post i guess lol
2457 days ago
excellent card, altough as i said amd cards' prices will drop a lot so I recommend you keep an eye on the prices
2469 days ago
And after you sell your GPU I recommend buying AMD since bitcoin's starting to crash and all AMD GPUs will lower prices hugely.
2471 days ago
The problem with that is that I want to sell my current graphics card, but no one what's a used graphics card...

Unless the price diference and warranty compensates...
2472 days ago
but... crossfire looks cooler xd
2472 days ago
I've had no issues with my Turtle Beach. Not as good as the headset that I want, but it's not as bad as you make it out to be.

I wouldn't have said such things if they weren't too expensive for what they're worth...
2478 days ago
I don't know if your problem is solved or not, but unless ou have a reson to, Don't buy Turtle Beach Headsets.
I had two friends that had bought headsets from that brand. They both sounded terrible and one of them had a faulty mic.
2479 days ago
I think you should get windows 8 unless it doesn't support something you need. I'm currently using Windows 7 and tried 8.1, i prefer the latter. Regardless of it being crap or not, it's an upgrade from windows 7, it's much better in terms of performance, it's updated, it doesn't have the security holes that windows 7's system has. And I've been virus free for some years .
 I download lots of stuff from the internet and don't use an antivirus, i just run malwarebytes' anti-malware every month to ensure that everything's OK.
In my dad's company, I helped him build a computer than only had an Intel Haswell Pentium CPU (low-medium class CPU), a basic MOBO, an SSD and a hard drive. It boots in 5 seconds, 3 of these seconds are to show POST (the first screen it shows up when you turn on your computer, with the Motherboard brand and stuff). Windows 8 boots up in 2 seconds in a PENTIUM CPU!!!

The only thing I hate in windows 8 is that it doesn't have the start menu, but once you get used to some shorcuts in Windows 8 your productivity doesn't suffer much. But, it's a change, the problem with people that complain about Windows 8 is, or they share other people's opinions without even trying it, or they don't like change.
Things have to change sometimes.
People also often complain about the Metro-style menu, like if it didn't let you do anything at all unless you gave some atention to it. I don't really mind it, just ignore it and keep enjoying your time in your computer. Why is it so hard for people to understand that?

2479 days ago
it's not worth a DOWNGRADE to r7-250.
2479 days ago
well, i think you should crossfire, getting a crossfire cable is pretty easy, and you should see some great performance upgrades. One thing though is that not all games support crossfire efficiently, and you MUST (it's not compulsory, but it avoids unecessary problems) use another gpu that's the same as your current one.
2479 days ago
well, not on full hd that's for sure.
2481 days ago
Sorry have no idea for your headphones problem. Maybe install/update audio drivers?
As for the Xbox, altough your specs would be equivalent, you cant compare a pc with the same specs as a console, because for consoles, games are programmed with Sony and Microsofts's APIs which make games run much better on consoles, while for PC the companies have to make ports that are able to run on Intel and AMD CPUs, and AMD and Nvidia GPUs, making the game run almost like if you were running an emulator.
So havig a console and a PC with equivalent specs, for example Assassins Creed IV would run much better on the console.

As for the SE RAM, it doesnt make much of a difference
2481 days ago
The FX look rly gorgeous
great work
2483 days ago
I have no arguments there, my compaq mobo was the absolute worst. Had to bypass the bios at startup because my processor was unsupported. Until I had enough of course and started to build my own last april.

8GB cpus are becoming more widespread as the cost to make them are going down now that we are beginning to move onto a ddr5 format starting. Soon I fear 8gbs will no longer be a benchmark but a requirement.

You mean DDR4. The GDDR5 is basically a DDR3 with higher latency and much higher clocks, we're years away of DDR5
2483 days ago


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