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You can try this tutorial:

It'll enable you to add some common fx and you can expand on it if you do some research.
1723 days ago
Just reply with what you wanted to say, a moderator will add it to your main post.
1723 days ago
Does this answer your question?

From my experience, the 770 should be a bit better and cheaper than the 950 (depending on where you buy it).
1733 days ago
Looks like the normal maps are bo1 style.
You could either delete them or create new ones (Gimp for example has a plugin for decent normal map creation).
1810 days ago
I'm not sure if that counts for newer mainboards too, but older ones were pretty much dead if you removed the battery..
1893 days ago
It does now ::)

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1923 days ago
I'm still gathering some parts and I'll have to wait for some better weather conditions to paint it but I have a little something planed with this guy...
1925 days ago
I just got my new headset today and have ever since been trying to get the microphone to work.
The sound works perfectly well on every configuration but no matter what I try the mic won't. I tried the standard windows drivers and realtec, even moving to a dedicated USB-soundcard didn't help.
Does anybody have experience with Mionix (Nash 20) and Windows 10? I really don't want to send this thing back to America, I paid enough customs already :please:

Update: It shipped faulty, they do replace it but it seems like I'll have to pay the shipping back to them.
1941 days ago
As far as I know there has already been a quite similar game on steam where you could re-buy it for the full price to play again.
1952 days ago
WTF? He clearly threatened to dump private information and he wasn't banned? I understand that it wasn't a direct threat against someone's life and all, but the information that he *claimed* he had and was going to dump could put someone's life's at risk.

Well, he is now
1969 days ago
Bavarian mappers unite! :D
1969 days ago
I just wanted to remind you all that this is still a thing:D
! No longer available
1979 days ago
! No longer available
Too much Kill La Kill, please send help.

I had literally started the first episode when you posted that you just finished it  :gusta:
1994 days ago


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