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didnt i play this map with you mr buried  :)

You bet  :nyan:
866 days ago
I havent been able to play this map in coop. Does this map tested in coop?

I've tested it in coop and it works fine, what kind of problem are you having?
902 days ago
That's sort of like putting a plaster on a burn wound. I do apologise if I sound a little harsh, I do like this map. I like the idea of the map and the graphics are pretty detailed. Plus it lacks the generic and annoying Special Zombies I highly hate in these maps, like the Fire Zombie or the Panzer. It's just...SMALL. The Black Ops weapons are not suited for small maps and are, for me personally, second-to-worst on the list of Guns-By-Game, slightly below Black Ops II but miles above stock World at War. Guns like the semi-auto FAL, the burst-fire M16, the suicide-in-a-tube that is the M72 LAW and, of course, the L96A1.

Don't get me wrong, if you like these guns or it's what is the easiest to add, that is fine by me. It ain't my job to dictate weapon/map design when I have no idea how Radiant works outside of it crashing a lot. Just...a few more CQC guns would be appreciated in a CQC map.

I do see your point and appreciate the feedback. I'm probably gonna try to make a strategy guide sometime this week based on some of the best strats I've found to run (and had in mind when I was building the map) to help people out
914 days ago
Yyyep, this map is WAY too small and narrow for both the volume of zombies and the god-awful-in-close-quarters Black Ops weapons.

Yeah it is pretty tight, a little like Verruckt, tried to balance that out with a putting a bunch of wonder weapons in the map.

And sorry about the messy files, looks like I accidentally copied the version from the wrong folder.
917 days ago
this map looks fantastic cant wait to try it out. Amazing work my man :D :D

Thanks, hope you enjoy!
921 days ago
Winter Wunderland
By Wunderful

In an abandoned town deep in the mountains, the frozen undead rise from the snow...

Hey everyone, I'm excited to finally release my second map that I've been working on and off on since like 2014! I had lots of fun working on this map, but I am definitely ready to quit using WaW's crappy engine and move on to making maps on BO3. There are still several bugs in the map, but nothing very serious, so I highly doubt I will be updating this map any more to fix anything.


-4 Original perks, Redspace's Who's Who, & Bam's Electric Cherry
-Black Ops 1 weapons (including 4 Wonder Weapons)
-Custom perk icons made by me
-Buildable buyable ending
-Electric traps
-3 hit down without jugg (like BO3)
-FOV slider (under game options)
-Custom HUD & menu
-Ton of BO2 models
-UGX Jukebox
-and Zombies!

Note: If you join a coop lobby and are not the host, the coop lobby will show up as the main menu. However, you are still in the lobby, but you can leave by selecting Solo or Coop.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
922 days ago
There's this one debris in my map you can clear but the zombies refuse to go one way through it. They're fine with going the other way, but even if I'm standing right across from them on the other side of the debris was (after I clear it) they refuse to walk towards me and instead take a longer route around to me. I checked out the area with ai_shownodes on and found that the lines connecting the nodes in that spot are red instead of blue, but I'm not sure what that means. Here's a picture, any help would be appreciated. None of the pathnodes involved are inside brushes or models either, by the way.

1420 days ago
this map is just tons of fun:

1513 days ago

Great map! Reminds me of that Mario map that came out a while back. Took us a long while to figure out how to get to Jugg and power. Only gripe I have really is that it's way too big and open, so it takes forever and just ends up being boring a lot of the time. But we still had fun! ^_^ I think I might have to delete this map though...  :troll:

1522 days ago
Casino & Penguin. The first two maps I ever played, so they mainly bring back nostalgia :D
1554 days ago
at a guess they are not precached

PrecacheModel( "modelname" );

before zombiemode::main();

in mapname.gsc

Tried that, no luck :/
1556 days ago

Works perfectly with that one, thanks so much Harry! :D You the real MVP

Now I just have the problem with the viewhands...
1557 days ago

there, but i still really recommend against using this, i can see tons of issues instantly, removed the ridiculous second flag wait that would fuck up a restart game

use my cherry prefab, my cherry is disabled, his should run

let me know if theres any errors as i have no way to run the game to check

and disinclude his script, its now in the bottom of this

- note - you say you prefer his range and damage - his range doesnt check "height" so will hit zombies above and below you no matter how far away and im guessing you totally missed that you can edit one line at the top of my perks to adjust the damage, range and reward score for my cherry...

Thank you so much for fixing the script for me, but unfortunately I get an error:
1558 days ago


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