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Where's Utamia or whatever his name is when you need him
1430 days ago
Now that it's solved can you get rid of the '[High Priority]' in the title? So people can actually see the issue easier  ;) :P
1436 days ago
Why? What have you created? I'm asking because I've never seen your maps (IF you have created any).

Currently working on a map called Frigid Estate  ;)
1442 days ago
I'm gonna be honest, I miss him even though he pissed me off a lot (including on Reddit). Frigid was going to be awesome!

His stuff looks like trash anyway, glad he's out of the picture.
1442 days ago
It's all or nothing, only optional things are DLC
1442 days ago
I couldn't stand the guy anyway, glad I never have to deal with him again  :please:

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1446 days ago
Looks cool, but the scale of the Origins room seems a bit off (Too big/wide in most areas)  :nyan:

Edit, you said not going to be exact, so nvm if that's the case
1447 days ago
Nah, Nathan Deleted his profile. Maybe requested to be deleted. Not 100% sure.
I was speaking in chat with him a few minutes before he removed his profile, he was getting really bothered at how toxic some of the community were becoming towards him and others.
1473 days ago
Some people just leave or get their profiles removed.
As far as I know, nobody's profiles have been removed and they've voluntarily closed them/gone elsewhere.
1473 days ago
I don't see how a mashup map is comparable to remakes. Obviously this will most likely be a good map, but Collab =/= Remaster/Remake.

Just gonna go cry in a corner.
1491 days ago
Once I ate two pieces of string and they came out tied together. I shit you not.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1495 days ago
He kinda sounds like Malcolm McDowell.

That's who it is  ::)

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1495 days ago
Progress :)

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
That hud is big sex, I like!
1501 days ago
Ahh, Back to waiting paitiently :)

I heard spamming pcdev on twitter works  :troll:
1501 days ago
Any time you read and write files you will receive a significant boost, which is seriously all the time. If you dont believe that an SSD will DRAMATICALLY change your build times, buy one and see for yourself. I purchased an SSD for WaW for faster startup and my build times cut in half. I prefer constantly building IWD or the equivalent in bo3 than trying to drag an updated script into IWD. It was so much faster that I specifically spent $100 for a 250gb Samsung Evo SSD just for Bo3.
I think I was just getting the context of using the SSD wrong, since it wasn't really necessary for anything in WaW other than the rendering/load time (not the actual mapping in radiant/asset viewing etc). Completely understand the need for an SSD now knowing that the majority of the things that required writing files in older programs are done in realtime/in the background.
I've used an SSD for a few years now so I guess that the improvements for me have become natural lel
Obviously I've not touched the tools so can't really speak from experience.
If you are modding bo3 you need a proper rig, so why not have an SSD? So far the minimum requirements appear to be the gtx 750ti, 8GB ram, and an AMD 8 core. Again that appears to be the minimum. IMO this is an excellent thing for the community. Keeps only the passionate modding. The best way to beat boxmaps is to eradicate laptops.
I completely agree, the sooner this is the norm the sooner we'll get rid of all the crappy stuff people have been making.
1505 days ago


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