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Pretty neat map, but i think the symbol part is unfair since you dont get to try again if you fail the order once. If this is trying to increase the maps replayability, i think its a questionable approach. So maybe you could be so kind and put the correct order somewhere, since its kind of frustrating. Other than that, i think this was a good effort on your part. Thanks!
984 days ago
Pretty sure the "undetailed" was referring to the map makers reply and not the map itself.

Edit: Nvm only saw the second reply. Still his opinion shouldnt be enough reason to get your panties in a bunch.
1016 days ago
Update pretty please  ::)
1075 days ago
Amazing map. Although its a bit hard.

Nice job.

Amazing yes, not too hard though.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1122 days ago
Awesone! Always loved your maps... didn't expect to see another at this point! Thanks for puttin in work!
1164 days ago
Yeah... I was about to say who the fuck cares lol. Names aren't important, it's about the damn map creator and the map. My computer is down right now but I'll be playing this soon and I'll leave ya some feedback. Looks interesting!

No need for the tantrum, merely trying to help.
1212 days ago
*"Die Weizenfelder" (plural) or "Das Weizenfeld" (singular). Might want to add a "der Toten"? XD
1215 days ago
Yay, I love it when great maps with a lot of time put into them are ruined by invincible bosses and the worst Pack-a-Punch room I've ever fucking seen since Ascension! I don't care if it's part of the Easter Egg and whatever, having a boss that won't die, is fast and kills you as easily as any other zombie IS NOT FUN. Not that it matters, I suppose...this map's been out so long...and at least it has the only Sten that isn't held by the magazine, so points for that I guess.

Maybe you should start with some box maps to get a feel for the mechanics, instead of crying about the difficulty of every other map. Or maybe even some easy originals like Shi-no numa, der Riese or any BO3 map.
1221 days ago
Sigh.. make sure you have T4m and turn down your texture quality if it still doesnt work with T4m.
If you did both theres not much i can do.. srry

I'm sorry. Putting textures on automatic worked for me.
1312 days ago
Unhandled exception caught when i try to load the mod
1313 days ago
Keep your "work" for you & your friends please...

How's your map coming along by the way? Been waiting for it a while now.... I expect a masterpiece full of negativity and self-loathing, so please don't let me down  :'(
1334 days ago
How the heck is anyone suppose to pick that up as sarcastic? Most kids are serious about how they can't have fun on a map without cheats. I see it all the time on almost all of these maps. Next time just give constructive criticism or just compliment the mapper since he has put an insane amount of time and effort into making a fun map for everyone to enjoy.

I think it's not so hard to pick up once you develop a sense of humour. And let's say i was serious and a kid. I don't see the constructive element of replying "cry me a river". But anyway, compliments to the mapper since he has put an insane amount of time and effort into making a fun map for everyone to enjoy.
1398 days ago
Cry me a river.

My post was so obviously sarcastic, i thought even the last autistic person on the internet would get it. Oh well...
1399 days ago
nice map only sad that  i can't explore with god mode

Very sad indeed. If you add me on skype, we can have a minute of silence together.
1401 days ago
Was about to ask the same thing.

When i got to this part, i just survived a few more rounds and it turned into the buyable. So not a 100% sure if that is all you need to do, but i dont remember me doing anything special.
1416 days ago


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