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Cant wait, one of the maps ive never actually been able to try.
1458 days ago
Im hoping for all of the Black ops 1 maps as there the only ones i havent played.
1458 days ago
Cant wait for this, favourite map.
1458 days ago
Is it true this cant be played with a controller?
1458 days ago
Im going to assume mine glitched up because i never got dogs and the rounds were just one long continuous round.
1458 days ago
Yeah ive bought it now, the only reason i considered it was becasue i noticed it was £40 still on steam, i only want zombies.

Checked CDkeys and they have it for £17
1459 days ago
Or is it not possible when compared to WaW?
1460 days ago
Any update on V2?
2015 days ago


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