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nice mate, gonna play this latter
1588 days ago
also please dont go around ripping assets from peoples maps.......... even if there from a previous coid
1687 days ago
They said it's too complicated for us to understand and they can't license out the tool they use to generate the files
ok, i can understadn the licensing of the generator, but to complecated for us to understand? really?!? have the payed no attention to the things this community has done with there engine?!?!
1688 days ago

dont know what that means, but iuts prolly a wieghting issue
1688 days ago
Import a char model, remove the mesh and bam theres the rig
1688 days ago
Why have a wait in there?

You "want" that to instantly repeat until finding a valid power up if the returned one is invalid
to avoid a little thing called a infinite loop.
1696 days ago
Well RIP me from seeing all the weapons in the map. But if I want to cheat then by disabling console commands you still cant stop me Harry  ;)
you could ya knoe....... play the map??!!?!? Naaah that just to crazy.....
1704 days ago
you can fix the model changine by in the zombie_init function (dont rememebr the name) set the self.is_gibbed (something like that) to true, that shgould maake it not change models
1708 days ago
If you know how to put 50 guns in a map without it let me know
be more conservitive with image sizes and meshes, and certianly you could comfertably fit them all in with the lack of actual map size, and models and textures used
1709 days ago
how the fuck do you work so fast
teach me master
he had the entire mapp in waw and just ported over the base of it to bo3
1719 days ago

Also, a preemptive "shut the fuck up" for @johndoe.
stil waiting for a proper reason why you hate me
1722 days ago
Is there a main easter egg to the map or is it an original survival map?
there is no main easter egg, the only "objective" is the retriever, and to upgrade to the redeemer
1723 days ago
you sure ytou wanna continue with a kino remastered? as someone else is already started and is WAY further than you
1724 days ago


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