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U ARE A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
1734 days ago
First off GREAT MAP!!! I freaking love it.

Now I know you said that some people would experience lag using low end pc, how ever even when I put all my texture and graphics setting to the lowest they could possibly be. I for some reason still lagged anytime I look toward the road way. I experimented on other high graphical maps by putting everything to extremely high settings and I never had a problem. I have played hundreds of maps throughout my time playing custom zombies and never had any trouble graphically, or with frame issues. I was just wondering if anyone else is having problems when they look at the roadway. Please respond any input would be helpful :(

                                                                                Thank You: masterxblaster

EDIT: I believe the problem that I'm facing with my lag issue is not the roadway at all. I believe it has something to do with the GIANT BEAM OF LIGHT. on the outside of the town. everytime I look anywhere near it I start having frame issues.anyone else?
1734 days ago
STEAM: master_blaster21
WAW: herb1989


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As you can tell I play a lot, and most if not all of the maps I have  I have beaten multiple times solo. but I'm getting a little lonely, so hit me up and we'll play :)

1735 days ago


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