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Solo or co-op?

Could you tell me more about the error?

In co-op. That happened after restarting map. When i respawned, i had just a pistol.Then i bought Commando on the wall, took Olymp...
1273 days ago
Absolutly outstanding map!

Had a bug - i got 5 guns:)
I bought Commando on the wall, then i bought 3 guns from the Box and they didn't appear:)
1274 days ago
could you please explain.. i have read the original post over three times and i still don't understand what am i supposed to do to be to click on the " Cooperative Button " .. i mean it's clearly sa...
1536 days ago
- Delete your config.cfg located in C:\Users\<USERNAME>\appdata\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\players\profiles\<PROFILENAME>\

- Open the console (using the `(~) button) and enter "exec disableXboxController.cfg" should also fix your problem.

It do...
1605 days ago
iBarnett,thanks a lot!I will be waiting for it.
natesmithzombies,i'm not complaining,just asking for some help.I'm not stupid,i tried a lot ways of solving problem and it still doesn't work.And yes,i read the topic about Ode to BlackJohny and not only this.Found some possible sol...
1665 days ago
You press ESC
But it doesn't  work!I can't go out from the menu and can't apply changes with bob weapon.I have to shut down WaW and Start button doesn't appear.
I tried to write in console exec_disableXboxController.cfg as noted in Mod settings...
1666 days ago


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